How to Take Good Pictures for Car Accident Evidence

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Everyone knows that they need to start snapping photos at a crash site. But how do you know if they’re good photos? What if optical illusions or bad lighting mask the extent of your vehicle’s damage? What happens when a bruise looks vicious in person, but in a picture, it looks okay? There are ways to get the most out of your photos, even when using a smartphone. There is no cause for a high-end camera when they were taking pictures at the crash scene.

There are many ways that photos will play a role in resolving your car wreck. Make sure that you take pictures of the right elements of the wreck and that you show the full extent of the damages in the photos. Pictures can say a lot, but if they’re not taken correctly at pictures can actually short you on compensation. Contact our Florida car accident attorneys for more information.

General Guidelines for Good Outdoor Images

Taking outdoor images is difficult because you’re likely fighting against the light. Your car may be parked directly in front of the sun resulting in stark shadows and big areas of brightness. Or it may be midday, and taking a photo make has a serious glare blocking out half the image. There are a few tips for taking better photos with your phone, and most of them will help in Taking better outdoor images as well.

One of the best tips is to change your perspective. If you notice that when you’re taking pictures, you’re getting a glare or it’s not easy to see the damage, then You can try shooting from the hip, getting closer to the vehicle, squatting, or even holding your phone higher to get a bird’s eye view.

Another premier tip in taking photos, which applies to car accidents as much as it does snapping pictures on a hike or around the house, is to use the rule of thirds. You’ll want to break your picture up into thirds both horizontally and vertically. It creates a more balanced picture. But with car accident photos, it’s not about getting a beautiful shot; it’s about giving the picture context. If you take a close-up shot of a 6-inch gash across your vehicle from two inches away, that 6-inch gash might look like 18 inches. It is important to get close-up pictures of damage points, but use the rule of thirds and back up to show how the damage looks with the context of the rest of the vehicle.

Help in Getting Clear Images

One of the biggest issues that come up with crash scene photos is blurriness. While most people have mastered the selfie or use burst mode to hopefully grab one or two clear images, there are few tried and tested ways to reduce shaking when taking a picture. Professional photographers will tell you that good posture is great, but a relaxed posture is better. Taking any picture when there is tension in your body will lead to the camera shaking and a blurry photo.

But there’s another element present when you’re taking photos at a crash site; you were just in an accident. You could be shaking from stress, nerves, or the adrenaline rush you just experienced. To help reduce camera shake, you need to create two triangles within your body. Create a triangle between your feet and your hips by stabilizing your legs. Some are more comfortable doing this in a straddle position. Others are more comfortable doing this with one foot placed forward and the other foot placed behind them. Then create a triangle between your elbows and the camera. You can accomplish this by creating an inverted triangle and pulling your elbows in, or a standard triangle by pulling your shoulders back.

Contact Your Tampa Car Accident Attorneys

Even in Tampa, where you’re filing for personal protection injury coverage, you only need to have photos that expose the full extent of the damage. That means understanding which angles you need to capture to show the full vehicle and what pictures you’ll need to show your injuries. Make sure that as you’re taking photos, you’re always focused on safety. If you were injured during the crash, then Wait until emergency medical services are on the scene. You may not be in a condition to be walking around the crash site taking photos.

But accident scene photography can drastically impact or even sway an insurance claim. It’s possible that your attorney will rely on photographic evidence to push your claim forward and bring attention back to the extent of the damage. To get started with your Tampa Florida car accident attorney, contact Winters Yonker for support.

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