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Burns are undoubtedly the most hurtful injuries often sustained by people. They may require hospitalization, extensive surgery, rehabilitative treatment, and sometimes result in secondary ailments – some of which last years. If you or your loved one have suffered a fire-related accident, you qualify for compensation from the party responsible for burn injuries.

Don’t engage the defendant’s insurer alone – you can count on the skills and experience of our Hudson burn injury lawyers at Winters & Yonker P.A. Most burn victims have worked with us, thanks to our personalized services and expertise, that ensured they received their much-deserved compensation. Our personal injury attorneys ensure that the defendants are held liable for their negligent acts so that others may not fall victim to burn injuries in the future.

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What Type of Compensation Is Available to Burn Injury Victims?

The party that is legally liable for your burn injuries is obliged to compensate you for your financial losses, including:

Medical Expenses

These are common expenses among burn injury victims. On top of emergency treatment and surgeries, most victims are often hospitalized for a long time. This results in enormous hospital bills that are incurred a few days after the injury. What’s worse, most burn victims will require specialized treatment for years and need to consult with experts, go for frequent check-ups, cosmetic surgeries, and many other appointments. Some burn victims may also develop other diseases, such as respiratory ailments. Rehabilitative services also add to the expenses, with physical and occupational therapies being common.

Pain and Suffering

This accounts for the largest allocation in a personal injury claim award. Pain is immeasurable, and it can be difficult to stamp monetary value to the suffering of an accident victim. Insurance adjusters are well trained to carry out such calculations based on the medical expenses incurred by the victim. This does not consider the special nature of pain or any conditions that may aggravate a particular pain in the victim (like pregnancy or intolerance to certain pain medication). Burns are certainly painful, and often require pain management services moving forward. However, a seasoned personal injury lawyer will ensure that your right to compensation for your pain and suffering is protected.

Lost Wages

Victims are taken off their work soon after the injuries occur. Sick time is also required for recovery, not to mention the time required for medical appointments. All these keep you off work, resulting in lost wages. For hourly employees, lost wages are easily calculated as the number of hours missed multiplied by their hourly pay. For salaried employees, their salaries are prorated to get the hourly rate and then multiplied by the hours lost. Profit-sharing, bonuses, and other monetary incentives are also factored in.

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While it may be hard to prove the monetary value of such incentives, any documentation that indicates the value can be used to include the incentive as part of lost wages in the claim. Lost wages may also arise from the loss of potential future earnings affected by permanent injuries, since serious burns may permanently impair a victim’s ability to execute any work-related tasks.

Property Damage

It is incidental to the accident that results in a victim’s burn injuries. For instance, a car accident that results in the burns of a victim will most likely damage the car as well. Household fires that burn victims will most likely destroy the furnishings in the house, and even the structure itself. Burns sustained in public places may also damage the victim’s clothes or other valuables. These losses are subject to compensation by the party that is legally held liable for the burn injuries.

How Do I Know the Party That’s Responsible for My Burn Injuries?

The party that is responsible for your burn injuries is legally obliged to compensate you. It may be difficult to uncover the liable party in a burn injury claim. However, in cases such as car accidents, the insurance companies will generally focus on determining the driver that was at fault. They may also apportion the fault to the drivers, which means that each pays for the resultant losses accordingly.

It may be difficult to establish whether a homeowner’s negligence resulted in a fire, or a store owner unreasonably subjected customers to a fire risk. Chemical burns are also complicated. If there’s too much chlorine in a public pool, individuals may be entitled to compensation from the party managing the pool due to irritation, eye damage, or other resultant illnesses. A lab worker who is accidentally exposed to harsh chemicals in their workstation may also qualify for workers’ compensation. Whenever a defective product – like a curling iron – burns an unwary user, product liability claims may arise. The circumstances in every situation will determine the responsible party.

The bright side of this is that burn victims don’t have to make complex legal determinations on their own. A seasoned burn injury lawyer will work with you to determine the party that is liable for your injuries and the insurance coverage available to compensate you for your losses. Without the help of a qualified attorney to review your injury case, you may leave out significant details that could make you lose some of the compensation to which the Hudson, FL, law entitles you. Allowing our team of lawyers to handle your case will also help you focus on your recovery.

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