How Hurricane Season Affects Florida Car Accidents

Florida car accidents

The hurricane season in Florida starts in early summer and ends in late autumn, but the locals are aware that the worst hurricanes usually occur in July and August. Driving in these violent summer storms can make even the most experienced drivers in the sunshine state feel worried and increase the risk of injury from a car accident. However, there are some precautionary tips that are designed to help keep you and your passengers safe and avoid Florida car accidents.

As discussed in more detail below, bad weather causes an increase in the number of car accidents every year. In fact, according to a 10-year study by NHTSA, an average of 1,235,000 car accidents are weather-related every year; whether it is a wet pavement or rainfall. Approximately, 860,000 accidents were caused by wet surfaces, and an average of 556,000 accidents was caused by rain. The numbers say it all. Avoid driving on roads in bad weather.

Florida Car Accident Lawyers’ Tips for Driving During Hurricane Season:

Night storms in Florida are normal during the course of summer. Even a single hurricane unrelated to tropical storms can disrupt all the roadways increasing the risk of car accidents. How you analyze the situation and take actions accordingly during bad weather can help prevent car accidents that could cause serious injuries.

It is advised by The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to take the following safety measures while driving:

  • Slow Down:

Even the slightest rain can make the road become slippery, making it challenging to turn or react to unforeseen changes in traffic conditions. During and after the storm, it is important to change the speed, drive slowly and calmly, and spend enough time to reach your desired destination.

  • Use Your Headlights and Windshield Wipers:

In heavy rainfall, limited visibility can become a huge problem. Always make sure to keep the windshield wipers in good condition and use the correct settings to get the best view of the road ahead. Also, turning on your headlights makes it easier to see the road ahead and it will also benefit other drivers to notice you on the road.

  • Be Extra Careful at Intersections:

Due to sudden rain, the traffic lights may stop working. Be prepared for this as you approach the intersection and turn with other vehicles. You also need to watch out for drivers who do not keep an eye for the intersections and just get stuck in a traffic jam.

  • Be Aware of the Water Pooled in the Roadway:

As the saying goes, “turn around and do not drown”; this is present for a reason. A few inches of rain can easily flood most roads, and the depth of most of the puddles cannot be determined accurately.

When all roads are flooded, driving is too dangerous. Many people find themselves in a dangerous situation because they put themselves at risk by driving on flooded streets. Never drive through flooded streets. Only 6 inches of standing water on the roadway can cause you to lose control or stop. Most vehicles start floating in 1 foot of water.

More than 80% of hurricane-related deaths are caused by inland floods, and about 50% of deaths are caused by people drowning in their own cars.

What If I’m in a Car Accident in the Hurricane Season?

The best way to avoid a car accident during the hurricane season is to stay away from the road. Beware of the coming storm. You will usually know a few weeks before the arrival of a hurricane or storm. Stock yourself with food and necessities in advance. Go to the store, office, or medical facility in advance. The most important thing is to have a plan to avoid Florida car accidents.

As with all types of injury, there are countless variables that can make your case unique. People whose cases are very similar to your case may get very different results than what you expect. Hiring a qualified lawyer can prove to be advantageous for your Tampa car accident claim.

Your lawyer knows the most complete and effective way to gather important evidence to prove that you are not responsible for the incident. This is critical to the accomplishment of your Tampa personal injury case.

Contact a Tampa Personal Injury Attorney Today:

If you were injured in an accident due to the negligence or the carelessness of others, there will always be some kind of evidence to support your claim. A personal injury attorney in Tampa can help you with your claim. Schedule a free injury consultation with our lawyers today.

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