Injured Due to Stay-At-Home Order Restrictions? Who’s to Blame?

Stay-At-Home Order

From slipping because of a repair, your landlord couldn’t accommodate to getting hurt on a beach that was in dire paid. The stay-at-home order affected everyone. You, however, can take action. Although many people were without work, it shouldn’t mean that you pay for avoidable injuries. To do battle and fight for the full compensation, you should contact a local Tampa personal injury lawyer.

The stay at home orders led to many public and private places falling into disrepair. There’s so much to consider, and if you tripped, slipped, were bitten, or experienced any other injury, you need to consult Winters & Yonker law offices.

Tampa Beaches and Hazards

Beach accidents happen, and often the city closely maintains the shores to prevent injuries. A broken fence or gate, the lack of a hazard sign, and even trash or debris can lead to accidents. The Tampa beaches are still not cleaned up from the short but very busy spring break season. All too many people that are finally returning to the beaches are finding that there are potholes, poorly managed walking areas, and other hazards.

Some beaches in the Tampa area have had critical signs removed, including warning signs about beach dangers. So who is responsible? As unfortunate as it is, if the city decided that it’s maintenance workers weren’t essential, then it’s the city’s responsibility.

Beach hazards are always present, and even on private beaches, it’s difficult to keep people out. Hurt on the beach? Hold the city of Tampa or the owner of the private property responsible for their lack of maintenance.

Slip and Fall From Repairs You Couldn’t Schedule

Has your refrigerator or air conditioning unit started leaking? The odds are that even if you put in the repair request with your landlord, they weren’t able to schedule a repair. You may have also had some hesitation with inviting a service person into your home with everything going on. However, that puddle of water could cause serious damage.

Slipping on water from a dripping area, broken pipe, or backed up a/c unit can lead to broken bones and expensive medical bills. It was out of your control, and you still should have expected your landlord to arrange for an immediate repair or accommodate you in some way. Unfortunately for them, they failed to do that, and you got hurt. These are the types of personal injury claims that are coming from the stay-at-home orders. People were getting hurt in their rental homes because they couldn’t access the help they needed.

Yard and Property Management Delays

Small businesses took possibly the biggest hit during the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. They had to close their doors, put their staff out of work, and try to pay vendors. Some were able to stay open, or had to and still, had to arrange for cutting their staff. Most of the staff that went were maintenance staff.

There’s no doubt that plenty of people got hurt from unkempt walkways and more. Although many people don’t see maintenance as essential, it clearly is crucial for our safety. Don’t hesitate to contact a local Tampa attorney after an injury on private property.

Although there is a lot of concern over how to handle these types of accidents, it’s likely that you can’t handle these medical bills. Many injured people were out of a job for a long stretch of time and then to have medical expenses added to that hardship. It’s one of the times that many people are finding themselves thankful for insurance.

Car Accidents During the Stay-At-Home Order

Although many people did stay at home, others did not. The people who were out driving often took liberties with the clear roads. While many types of injuries were down, car accidents still happened. When you have a crash, it’s vital that you get help to manage the damage right away.

Many people experienced significant injuries from high-speed accidents during the stay at home orders. Out particularly flared up with Tampa’s street racing culture.

Contacting a Tampa Personal injury At Winters & Yonker

Not only do you need support during the stay-at-home order, but if you were hurt, you might face unique complications. Personal injury cases aren’t seen as urgent, so much of the system that aids your recovery is undergoing extreme delays. Not only may you face issues in filing a claim, but you may also have experienced delays in your recovery.

The delays and restrictions caused by the COVID-19 response of the Florida governor and federal government may have caused your injuries. So what now? Contact Winters & Yonker, the Florida personal injury law office that will help you fight for maximum and complete compensation.

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