Dealing With Injuries from Fallen Debris

Dealing With Injuries from Fallen Debris

It may seem like something from the Final Destination movies, but it does happen, and rather frequently. Accidents involving fallen debris or fall hazards happen, and people don’t know how to proceed. These accidents can happen on the road while driving or while walking down the street. The question always comes up, “Who is going to pay for these medical bills?”

A Clearwater, Florida Personal Injury Attorney Can Give Some Insight

Depending on the nature of your accident, you may have to pursue compensation from different sources. For example, if unsecured cargo off of a freight truck hit your car, you would go through your car insurance as it’s a car accident. However, if you were strolling down the street and a hand tool or piece of construction material comes crashing down on you that is different.

Falling objects which lead to personal injury could result in a personal injury lawsuit against a single person, a business entity, or a claim through insurance. It all depends on the situation. This is where a qualified Clearwater injury lawyer will come in handy. When looking at any case, most victims can’t put all the pieces together themselves. They need an objective third-party to look at the evidence to identify who was liable.

How to Find Your Clearwater Personal Injury Attorney

When looking for an attorney for your case, you want someone who can stand up to big companies, argue for your side, and genuinely help you. Although a lot of people have concerns about the cost of attorneys, most personal injury attorneys work on a percentage-based system rather than a flat-rate or hourly fee. Usually, personal injury attorneys will also work on what is known as a contingency basis, where they only get paid if you do too.

It’s also ideal to have an attorney that is easy to reach and nearby. You don’t want to pay for your attorney’s travel expenses. You also don’t want to wait on hold or leave multiple messages for them. Make availability a priority when choosing your attorney.

Unsecured Cargo Causes Car Accidents

AAA found that in a three year period, fallen debris on the road led to over 200,000 crashes. For the drivers on the road that means that unsecured cargo is an extremely dangerous, but often forgotten issue. Drivers should secure their load, but many drivers honestly believed that their charge was secure at the time of their driving.

This issue leaves a giant gap in safety and awareness. If your car crash happened because of fallen objects, then contact your car insurance company. You also need to get medical attention for any car crash injuries.

Fallen Debris From Construction Sites Lead to Serious Injuries

In addition to causing car accidents, fallen debris leads to many injuries just while people are walking. If you live in an area that’s going through some revitalization or see construction sites daily then you may be familiar with the risk. When you walk through a construction site, people are working overhead.

It only takes one slip, one swing, or a misstep to send hand tools or materials down to the ground in a clatter. Unfortunately, anyone walking underneath is in grave danger. The injuries that come from these accidents are almost always life-changing and often include brain trauma. However, there is only so much that construction teams can do. Who is to blame?

In these situations, the construction company may take responsibility. The property owner may be liable or even the city. If the city failed to supply the proper aid and signage for a clear pedestrian pathway away from the risk of falling objects, then they could be who was responsible.

Pedestrian accidents from construction debris are on the rise. Often the accident leads to injury, not death. But it is reasonable that a falling hammer or power drill from several stories up is capable of killing a pedestrian.

Contact A Personal Injury Attorney in Clearwater

If you’re looking for a trusted personal injury law firm, look to Winters & Yonker. Our experienced attorneys can help you build a strong case and fight for full compensation. After having something fall on you, you likely have serious injuries and a long recovery ahead of you. Focus on improving your physical condition and let an attorney worry about the technical aspects of putting your case together.

Contact Winters & Yonker for a consultation and to learn about your chances at full compensation.

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