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Need a Lakeland distracted driving accident lawyer? Distracted driving has recently become a very serious public safety concern all across the country. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, also known as NHTSA, has essentially declared this hazardous practice to be an epidemic that threatens to wreak serious havoc on communities nationwide. It is not entirely clear whether the cause of this crisis is a generalized lack of vigilance by drivers behind the wheel or the emergence of numerous distraction including electronic devices. But the fact remains the same that the outcomes produced by distracted drivers are often catastrophic in nature.

NHTSA reports that over 3,000 died in distracted driving-related accidents in the United States in 2010. Needless to say, distracted driving was also a contributor to countless other injuries. In the event you or a loved one has experienced the suffering caused by a distracted driving accident, the skilled Florida personal injury attorneys at Winters & Yonker are ready to help secure the recovery to which you are rightfully entitled.

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Key Facts About Distracted Driving

In essence, distracted driving happens any time a driver allows their attention to drift from the key function of driving a vehicle. Typical instances of distractions of this nature include:

  • Consuming food or drink
  • Grooming
  • Reading
  • Focusing on in-dash navigation
  • Speaking to others in the vehicle
  • Adjusting music or temperature controls
  • Sending or reading text messages
  • Utilizing a cell phone in any way

While the issue of distractions behind the wheel is not exactly a new thing, it has reached epidemic proportions in recent years due to the advent of all kinds of electronic technology. Cellphone use is now ubiquitous and is the driver of all sorts of dangerous distractions. Texting is extremely common, but it is something that requires cognitive, physical and visual attention that needs to be devoted to navigating the roadway. According to NHTSA, the result is a risk of accident 23 times over that faced by drivers who do not give in to such distractions.

Because distracted driving is known to have caused such terrible consequences on the roads, Nevada’s legislature has taken steps to ban texting while driving and the use of electronic handhelds of all sorts while behind the wheel. Therefore, if a driver injures you in a vehicle accident and is found to have been using a phone at the time of the crash, it is possible for you to obtain significant compensation for the losses you sustain.

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Important Statistics About Distracted Driving

  • 16% of vehicle accidents in 2014 were connected to distracted driving
  • In fatal accidents, 24% of involved drivers were aged 20-29, in fatal accidents caused by distracted driving, that age group made up 29%, and in drivers who used cell phones and were involved in fatal accidents, the age group comprised 39% of the total.
  • In distraction-related fatal crashes, 61% of those who died were drivers, 22% were passengers and 13% were pedestrians.
  • Roughly 18% of those who suffered injuries in car crashes were involved in incidents involving distracted drivers, and 8% of that group were impacted by the use of cell phones behind the wheel.
  • While drivers aged 15-19 comprised 7% of those driving in fatal accidents, fully 13% of drivers in the age group used a cell phone while driving.
  • During 2014, teenagers comprised 9% of those killed in distraction-related accidents.
  • 10% of all drivers in fatal accidents were teenagers, and 52% of the fatalities in those events were teens as well.
  • Though there is a common stereotype of teens being the ones who text while driving, a survey from 2013 revealed that almost half of all adults said they also texted while operating a vehicle, which was six points greater than the rate reported by teens, yet 98% of those people acknowledged the danger of what they were doing.
  • Though NHTSA reported that the use of electronic devices behind the wheel dropped in 2015, actual manipulation of such devices showed no such reduction, and in fact it rose across every age category.

Establishing Negligence In Distracted Driving Crashes

It is important to note that personal injury cases are different from criminal prosecutions. A civil case of this nature will not have the same standards of evidence in terms of assessing responsibility, though there are some things that are somewhat similar. In both such scenarios, juries will have to be persuaded that the driver acted in a negligent manner. It is often possible for personal injury lawsuits to be settled in advance of trial, but when that proves difficult or even impossible, the lawyers of Winters & Yonker will not hesitate to pursue the matter all the way in court.

Though most media attention has been on texting in recent years, the fact is that distracted driving has long been a concern. As such, it can sometimes be hard to establish negligence in this kind of case. There will be defense arguments made that attempt to establish some other cause of the incident at issue. Therefore, it is essential to have a skilled, experienced distracted driving crash lawyer on your side who understands exactly what needs to be shown in order to prevail.

The team at Winters & Yonker possesses vast experience representing victims in distracted driving cases and understands what a difficult time this can be for those impacted by another’s negligence. Contact us and talk to a Lakeland personal injury lawyer in Lakeland today. When it comes to distracted driving cases, we stand prepared to do everything necessary to get the full compensation you deserve.

How Are Damages In Distracted Driving Cases Measured?

The full amount of available compensation in such cases will be determined on a number of factors, including the sort of injuries sustained and how it has impacted the victim’s life. While insurance companies may be quick to offer a settlement, it is necessary to do a great deal more investigating in terms of assessing what kind of long-term financial needs may arise because of the accident.

Distracted driving crashes are often extremely tragic because they are, in large part, preventable. A driver’s inability or unwillingness to appreciate the danger they are causing can leave entire families devastated. Those harmed in these types of events may be able to obtain the compensation that includes payment of medical bills, lost wages, reduction in future earning capacity, physical pain and mental suffering and the costs of physical therapy, both now and in the future.

Attempting to go it alone without the help and advice of a seasoned Lakeland accident lawyer leaves you vulnerable to insurance company adjustors who simply want to pay you as little as possible on your claim. The Winters & Yonker team will work diligently to create the strongest possible case for recovery so that you can focus on the business of rehabilitation and resuming a normal life.

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Anyone who puts others’ lives in danger by driving while distracted deserves to be held responsible for the resulting harm. Otherwise, there will be no consequences, and other drivers may continue to ignore the risk. If you have sustained serious, life-altering damage due to the negligent, distracted driving of another, you owe it to yourself to demand fairness.

Lakeland injury victims are afforded a four-year window in which to file a claim for injuries of this sort. Call our office or use the online inquiry form to begin the process of securing a Lakeland car accident attorney for solid legal representation. Initial consultations are always offered at no charge, so contact the firm today.

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