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If you were in a car accident Winters and Yonker have a Lakeland car accident attorney that can handle any case. For example, one of the most interesting developments in the service industry is the notion of ridesharing. A Lakeland Uber accident attorney at Winters & Yonker can help if you’ve been involved in an Uber accident. Companies like Uber have made life much more convenient for people, especially those living in the city. It has offered a safe alternative to drinking and driving. It has also offered job opportunities to thousands of people across the country.
When using companies like Uber, you are the mercy of a driver – a driver who you know nothing about. In order to qualify to work for Uber, you need to meet some requirements. You must:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Have your driver’s license for at least 1 year (or 3 years if you’re under 23)
  • Own an auto insurance policy in your name
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Have access to a 4-door car that is less than 10 years old
  • Pass a background check and driving history check

There are no hard requirements regarding accident history or driving record. Each applicant is examined on a case by case basis. This means that some Uber drivers may have accidents in their past. They may also have traffic citations that are either older or have been pleaded down to lesser charges.

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A Lakeland Uber Accident Attorney Knows Florida Insurance Laws

Attorneys in Lakeland, FL are familiar with insurance laws when it comes to Uber drivers. Florida requires all drivers to carry auto insurance with at least $10,000 personal injury protection. They must carry an additional $10,000 in property damage insurance. The requirements for Uber drivers are much higher. Uber and other rideshare drivers must carry at least $1 million to cover property damage, personal injuries, and death. These numbers apply to situations where an Uber driver has a passenger in the car.

Even if they don’t have anyone in the car, Uber drivers must carry $50,000 in coverage for physical injury or death. This applies if the driver is involved in an accident and the other driver or passenger is hurt or killed. Companies like Uber also carry additional coverage for their drivers. They offer $1 million coverage for third parties who are hurt in an accident involving an Uber driver. Uber accident attorneys are aware of these rules. They will fight to make sure you or your loved one get full compensation for injuries or death.

Insurance Laws in Lakeland, Florida

Typically, if you are in an accident and suffer minor injuries, you handle it like you would any other accident. You would file a claim against the driver’s insurance policy and get paid for your injuries that way. However, if you suffer serious injuries, you have other options. In Florida, if you receive injuries in a rideshare accident you can pursue multiple parties. You would first file a claim against the driver’s personal insurance policy. If the policy doesn’t cover all of your injuries, you would then be able to go after Uber’s insurance policy.

Uber’s Background Check Requirements

Florida law does try to ensure that all Uber drivers are safe and qualified drivers. However, Florida only requires that rideshare companies go back 5 years into the driver’s record. Uber drivers should not have any reckless driving or drunk driving convictions in the last 5 years. Sex offenders are not allowed to drive for Uber. If an Uber driver is accused of drunk driving they will be suspended pending an outcome of their case. It does not matter whether they were on the clock or not. If they receive a conviction, they may no longer drive for the company. If your Uber accident attorney finds out that Uber didn’t follow these guidelines, you may have an additional claim. You want to rely on an experienced Uber accident attorney to do the research to investigate a claim like this.

Contact an Uber Accident Attorney in Lakeland, Florida

So whether you were in a motorcycle accident and need a motorcycle accident lawyer, or if you were a driver or passenger in an Uber accident, contact an Uber accident attorney in Lakeland, FL. You want an experienced lawyer to help you recover the damages you deserve.
Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may have claims against multiple parties. It is important that you have a legal professional who understands how to file and handle these multiple insurance claims. Your lawyer may even need to file a separate personal injury suit against the rideshare company if certain conditions exist. You certainly don’t want to handle this yourself. Contact an injury attorney in Lakeland today. The initial consultation is free and it gives you a chance to ask any questions or concerns you may have. Your attorney will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve.

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