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A car accident’s effects go far beyond medical statements. Following a serious accident, you may feel your life won’t ever be the same. You could be facing a disability, surgeries, or weeks of therapy. Even a relatively minor accident can leave you out of work and wondering how you are going to stay afloat financially. If your injury in Land O’ Lakes, FL was not your fault, you’ve got a right to find money to cover your injuries. You need our Land O’ Lakes car accident lawyers. Our attorneys have built their reputations through years of experience. We understand how to get you paid, and we will not charge you anything unless we win money for you. Let us provide you a totally free consultation. Call us at (888)373-7770 or fill out the form to the right now to acquire your free consultation.

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Why is a car accident different from other types of injuries?

Florida law helps make sure that car crash victims get money to cover their injuries. It does this by requiring all car owners to obtain an auto insurance policy that covers injuries as well as vehicle damage. This implies that if you’re hurt in a car crash, you can look to car insurance to pay instead of going after the driver. You need to understand that insurance companies do not like to pay claims out. They’ll do what they can to make the smallest possible offer. That is the reason why it is very important to speak to a car crash attorney before you take any insurance money.

What happens when the driver does not have insurance?

You have a right to recover losses. It means you have to seek it from a different origin. Based on the circumstances, this could provide you a couple of options: a home insurance coverage policy, your insurance, any other coverage may cover it, the driver may be forced to pay you back over time, or the driver may be ordered to pay you when they market their own home or another piece of property in the future. The outcome is the same, although these cases are not as open-and-shut as scenarios with insurance coverage. You should not be left with debt after an accident you did not cause.

Two cars immediately following an accident
Call a Land O Lakes attorney at Winters & Yonker to discuss your car accident claim.

Who’s responsible to get a car accident in Land O’ Lakes?

Florida is a fault state. The insurance company for the driver who is at fault has to pay for the injuries that happen as a consequence of the crash, including damages to the other driver’s car. This means that discovering fault is a part of any car accident claim. The driver at fault may have been violating traffic laws or may not have been paying attention. No matter what caused the accident, the at-fault driver’s insurance company is responsible for covering any damages. Drivers may be responsible because of a huge variety of unsafe behaviors, such as weaving in and out of traffic, following breaking traffic laws, or texting and driving.

How much is my claim worth?

Florida has a rule: car accident victims can get all their costs and damages covered. Most accident victims will be eligible for these kinds of costs: money for time missed at work, all physician therapies, surgeries and appointments, any maintenance you need, or remedies like treatment, and automobile repairs. If you suffered serious injuries, you could be able to recover additional amounts of money for a disability, distress, pain or other losses. Family members of deceased accident victims may be eligible for wrongful death damages. We know money can never make up for a loss of a loved one, but it might give you the security you want to proceed with your life.

What type of accidents are covered by means of a vehicle incident case?

The law allows you to recover cash for your injuries. While there absolutely no limit on what this might include, there are some accidents that are common after automobile accidents: head injuries, burns, bone fractures, soft tissue injuries, loss of a limb, or whiplash. One feature of vehicle accident injuries is they do not have any symptoms in the beginning. Accident victims go home feeling fine and then find themselves in pain later on. Because of this, we recommend all accident victims to find a physician right away, even in the event that you think you were not actually hurt. A physician may prescribe treatment which can help you recover. The insurance carrier will be less inclined to dispute your claim if you saw a doctor soon after the crash.

The insurance company made me an offer. What should I do?

An attorney can help you decide what to do and evaluate the insurance company offers. The majority of the time, the insurance company’s offer is almost large enough to cover your losses. However, the insurance carrier hopes to generate a profit by giving you money that is less than you deserve. If you take the money today, the problem is, you’ll give your right to get more in the future. Our car accident lawyers near Land O’ Lakes know how to negotiate with insurance companies to get you a reasonable sum. They can build a strong case showing who was at fault, how you were injured, and what it is really going to cost. A personal injury lawyer can send you to the kind of treatment and doctors who know what your accidents need. An attorney puts a professional on your side getting your income.

Speak to a Land O’ Lakes car accident lawyer at Winters & Yonker. Our attorneys have been helping car accident victims for years. We do not charge you anything unless we win you money. Let us help you figure out what to do and provide you a completely free consultation to explain your rights. Get in touch with us (888)373-7770 or fill out the form to the right now to get your free consultation.

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