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One of the most severe and catastrophic injuries that can occur to an individual from any type of accident is a burn. The Lithia burn injury lawyers of Winters & Yonker have several years of experience in various personal injury matters including severe burns. They understand the need for victims to get the maximum amount of compensation they are owed for proper healing and a return to normalcy in their lives.

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Various Types Of Burns

Burns are categorized into degrees depending on their severity:

First-Degree Burns

Typically, first degree burns are not that serious and will only leave a tingling of pain after a moment, these burns can be treated at home by simply running hot water over the burn and a small amount of ointment along with pain relievers.

A first-degree burn will damage the top layer of skin and will leave it inflamed or red. These types of burns can take anywhere between a week and a week and a half to heal properly. If this burn covers an area of skin three inches around or is located on a major body joint, it would be wise to seek out professional medical treatment to ensure the burn heals properly.

Second-Degree Burns

These types of burns will extend past the first layer of skin and damage the dermal layer beneath. These forms of burns are generally characterized by redness as well as blistering and painful sores. When a victim is burnt and suffering from blisters, there is a high probability they can run a bacterial infection, hence why it is so important to keep the area clean and well-bandaged.

Victims of second-degree burns may be treated at home, but in some cases, they may need to seek out professional medical help depending upon the size and location of the burn. Burns in sensitive areas such as the groin, hands, feet, and face will typically require medical attention. If a second-degree burn is not treated in the correct manner, it may lead to scarring. In which case, there will be a need for corrective surgery.

Third-Degree Burns

These types of burns will run through all three layers of the skin. These burns not only destroy the skin but muscle, nerves, and internal organs as well. The skin will often look waxy and white to leathery and charred. A third-degree burn must require medical attention from a physician or specialist.

Medical treatment is essential in order to prevent scarring and infection as well as permanent body damage. In some cases, the damaged tissue will need to be removed depending upon the size of the burn, medical treatments such as skin grafting may also be required to replace damaged skin areas.

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The Common Causes Of Burn Injuries

Accidents that commonly lead to burn injuries include:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Whenever there are explosions or fuel-related fires due to a motor vehicle accident, there is a high probability there are going to be burn-related injuries as well. Individuals who get stuck in a burning car for a prolonged time or simply come in contact with a burning or hot metal may receive thermal or contact burns.

Defective Products

Electronic devices that have been improperly constructed or designed my overheat, catch fire or spark which may lead to contact burns, electrical burns, or a house fire.

Construction Accidents

Construction workers and other individuals run a major risk of injury at a worksite including but not limited to chemical burns, thermal burns, contact burns, and electrical burns.

The Major Risks Of Burn Injuries

Risks commonly associated with burn injuries include:


When the skin is broken for any reason it may lead to a bacterial infection. Due to the fact that a severe burn will go through several layers of skin and may take weeks of healing, it is quite possible for an infection to occur. Not only will the wound itself become infected but it is possible for the bacteria to enter into the bloodstream and cause septic shock, which may lead to the ultimate shutdown of vital organs and bodily functions.


There is always going to be the possibility of scarring after a burn injury has healed. Scarring can lead to limited motor functions and mobility in the infected area in addition to emotional and psychological trauma long after the physical injury has healed. Specialized care during treatment is one of the best ways to prevent scarring, however, there still may be a need for other treatments in the future if there are mobility issues.

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