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When you were injured in a car crash in Lithia, FL, your medical bills could possibly be only the beginning of your issues. You might be not able to go back to work, without a way to cover rent, buy groceries and support yourself. You might be in pain or seeking to come to terms with a condition that is life-changing. However, you shouldn’t have to face the future alone. The law permits you to recover money. You need to get in touch with a Lithia car crash attorney. Our Lithia car accident lawyers have been helping accident victims for years and we do not charge you anything unless we get you cash. Let us give you a totally free consultation. Get in touch with Winters & Yonker at (888)373-7770 for your free consultation now.

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What should I know about my car accident case?

The laws behind car collision claims are complicated, but they boil down to a system that people can understand. Here are the essentials: You’ve got a right to recover money for your injuries and losses. Money can be received by you for ALL of your expenses. If the accident was severe, you may be able to recover money for other sorts of losses, such as pain and suffering.
This money is designed to help offset the impact of the accident on your own life. These principles will be the same no matter what type of accident it had been, from a minor fender bender to a head-on collision. The main thing to know, however, is that insurance companies have a financial motive to avoid paying even when you’ve got a claim. That’s why it is ideal to talk to a car accident attorney as soon as possible.

Who is usually at fault in a car accident in Lithia?

What types of injuries are included in an auto accident claim?
An auto accident claim can cover any type of injury. The only requirement is it must have occurred due to the crash. The common type we see is whiplash, a neck injury that typically occurs in rear-end accidents. But we’ve worked on claims for virtually every type of injury. Generally, the injuries in the claim must be a bodily injury. However, you might also receive compensation for the trauma or mental anguish that comes along with these bodily injuries.

What else is covered?

The rule in Florida is that you can get ALL of your costs. The amount you get will depend on your individual circumstances. However, as a general rule, accident victims can get compensation for these types of costs:

  • Lost work time
  • Automobile repair invoices
  • Medication
  • Doctor bills and medical expenses
  • The cost of treatment
The aftermath of a two car accident.
Don’t blame yourself for your car accident, call Winters & Yonker

You may receive more. The law permits you to recover damages for the impact the accident has had on your life, including disabilities and pain. You may be qualified for wrongful death damages, in the case where the crash victim was a close family member that died. This cash can’t erase a horrible loss, but it can help you regain your financial stability as you work to recuperate and rebuild for your future.

The insurance company offered me money. Should I take it?

It’s tough to understand whether you should take it until you know the total costs of your accident, and what you’re eligible to legally. Ask yourself:

  • Have you gotten a medical investigation?
  • Do you feel the diagnosis is correct?
  • Have you finished ALL care for your injury?
  • Can you work, with no complications?
  • Are you 100% sure you have no side effects or problems that are linked to the accident?
  • Have you already spoken to a professional?
  • Did they give you a clear idea about what your claim might be worth, independent of the offer?

The offer might be fair or it might not be enough to cover future medical issues. If your initial treatment doest work and you need more in the future, you won’t have the money you’ll need. And, insurers rarely include other costs that you have a legal right to such as pain and suffering. This is why it’s important to talk to a personal injury lawyer. A lawyer knows how insurance businesses operate. A lawyer can collect evidence and present a solid claim revealing what you will need to recover and how badly you’ve been hurt. Through negotiations, a lawyer can frequently get you more than the insurer was offering.

Talk to a Lithia Car Accident Lawyer

Winters & Yonker has been fighting for the rights of car accident victims for years. We never bill you unless we win you money. Let us provide you with a free consultation to discuss your claim and allow you to decide what to do. Get in touch with us at (888)373-7770 to acquire your free consultation now.

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