Living With a Spinal Cord Injury

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From slip and fall cases to bad trucking accidents, spinal injuries happen. You would be surprised to learn how many different accidents can lead to spinal injuries. An injury lawyer in Tampa is your first step towards financial recovery, but you still have to manage your day to day activities as well. Living with a spinal injury can be painful, stressful, and above all else, frustrating.

Understanding Your Chances of Recovery

There are two terms that apply directly to spinal cord injuries, and you should get comfortable with them quickly. Complete and incomplete. A complete spinal cord injury refers to fully compressed or a severed spinal cord. These injuries are most severe and likely will not see a full recovery.

An incomplete spinal cord injury does offer some chance at a complete recovery. Usually, the swelling from the trauma will decrease over time, and your spine may become less compressed. These two terms apply to spinal cord injuries at any location.

Although location does matter, you can set much more realistic recovery expectations if you understand whether your injury is complete or not. Both will require physical therapy, and you will need to keep up a healthy lifestyle to ensure you’re not aggravating the injury.

Physical Capabilities

When people are told that they have a spinal cord injury, they focus on the prospect of paralysis. While this fear is well-deserved, it’s not the only concern that comes with physical capability loss. You may lose control of bodily functions or have ongoing tingling sensations.

Other physical symptoms that are more common than paralysis include:

  • Tingling sensations in many parts of the body
  • Pain at the injury location
  • Phantom pain
  • Loss of sexual function, fertility, and libido
  • Difficulty maintaining control of your bodily functions
  • Skin problems as a result of less frequent movement
  • Changed sensations
  • Difficulty breathing

Issues such as phantom pain may not seem so significant at first. However, as time wears on, you’ll notice that phantom pain has as much real a presence as actual pain. Your brain understands them the same way, and it’s not likely that any amount of therapy will remove phantom pains.

Mental Health

An injured spinal cord can lead to many changes in your daily life and routine. If you have experienced paralysis to any extent, it’s likely that you have put aside many goals you had. Mental health concerns that come up with this type of injury are most often anxiety and depression.

After a bad accident or traumatic event, it is normal for the injured person to have anxiety. You may feel unsteady or even outright terrified of getting into a car. But anxiety is something that many people learn to work through in an effort to move forward in life.

Depression, however, can stick with victims of these injuries for years. As part of your recovery, you may go onto medication that makes you more susceptible to depression. Some medications are not safe to take with anti-depressants leaving you with therapy as the only treatment option.

Taking care of your mental health after a severe injury like this is both vital and difficult. Work with your medical team during your recovery to track your mental health state as well.

Tampa Personal Injury Attorneys Provide Support

While many people in recovery have a lot on their plate, there are aspects of daily life that you don’t have to handle — for example, collecting and organizing your medical bills. After hiring a personal injury attorney in Tampa, you should expect your attorney to track your medical expenses. They should even inform medical networks or collectors that they’ll receive payment upon you receiving compensation.

Among handling your medical bills, an attorney should handle all discussions with insurance companies. Stop the hounding phone calls for a statement and let your attorney deal with them. These small errands can mount up and cause you to lose focus from your rehabilitation goals.

Keep your focus on getting well again and let an attorney worry about the paperwork and insurance companies.

Find Your Personal Injury Attorney in Tampa

Any personal injury lawyer in Tampa should provide support, help, and clear guidance on how to best proceed with your case. Unfortunately, not every law office focuses on the value of their clients. The Tampa injury law firm of Winters and Yonker set their clients as a top priority. Your needs and your choices in handling your case will always come first.

Contact Winters and Yonker to identify if your spinal injury is part of a valid personal injury claim.

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