How to Maximize Your Compensation in a Car Wreck Claim

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Is there a way to ensure that you’ll get the most out of your car wreck claim? Not necessarily, but there are steps you can take to build a case that accurately shows your damages and eliminates “guesstimating.” Insurance companies will often work with preset numbers that they’ve figured for specific medical trauma, procedures, needs, and property damage.

Tampa auto wreck lawyers provide insight into the PIP coverage that should take care of your injuries and damages.

Keep Thorough Travel Records

You don’t have a car, so how are you getting to your doctor’s appointments? If a friend or spouse is driving you, that’s wonderful, but what about everyone else? If you’re paying a friend for a ride, or to cover the cost of gas, keep those receipts. Additionally, track the mileage so that you can prove the use of the gas and need for transportation.

Now, if you’re taking Ubers or Lyfts to get to your appointments and therapy sessions, then you should keep those receipts as well. Travel expenses for medical treatment fall into a category that you can claim on your insurance demand.

Document All Of Your Medical Teams Advice and Suggestions

What is often brought under question is the things that aren’t recorded in your medical file. Now your doctor may have suggested going through ice and heat treatments or getting someone to take care of heavy lifting chores such as taking down the garbage bins.

What that happens, they aren’t going to record it in your official medical record. It’s advice, and you should generally follow medical advice. But, if you try to include paying the neighbor kid ten dollars a week to take out the trash, your insurance company will probably think it’s a joke.

However, if you have documented that your doctor said that taking out the trash could open stitches or further irritate soft tissue injuries, that’s another story. The financial challenges which come with your injuries should come into action during your demand letter, and you may need support from your doctor on their statements.

Put a Lien on Your Medical Bills

Putting a lien on your medical bills after a wreck can help you get the stress of these outstanding debts off your mind. But it can help you avoid costly collection fees and late expenses. Many people can’t afford to pay tens of thousands in medical debt at the drop of a hat. Instead, tell your attorney that you need medical liens on your bills, and that should put a hold on them.

Essentially you’re telling the billing department of your medical network or the hospital you visited that you’re waiting on money to pay them. Then, you guarantee that they’ll get paid. When this happens, your attorney will pay all of your medical bills before you receive any type of compensation.

Getting an Auto Accident Lawyer in Florida

Because Florida’s process of handling a car wreck claim and crash resolution relies on PIP insurance, it means that your coverage will cover your damages. Or that it should. What makes things more difficult for Florida drivers is that the wreck becomes an argument of value between the insurance company and the victim. Whereas in other states, the two drivers will rely on their respective insurance companies to represent their best interests.

In Florida cases, there is no one to represent your best interest in crash resolution until you bring on an attorney and work to build a strong case. For those who find themselves struggling to protect themselves from their own insurance company, they probably need an attorney.

When you are looking for an attorney, rely on the internet rather than friends and family. Just because an attorney worked out for your friend does not mean that they’ll handle your case the same way. Because wrecks are so different, it’s nearly impossible to handle each case the same way. Always schedule consultations or interviews to talk to an attorney about your wreck before hiring them.

Should You Hire a Car Accident Lawyer to Help with Your Car Wreck Claim?

When looking at the possible auto accident law firms in Tampa, FL to handle your car wreck claim, you’ll need to go through much more than just finding any old attorney. You want an experienced and passionate legal representation to negotiate their settlement and explore the options that could be available to you. With Winters & Yonker, our team will review your case and help connect you with a qualified and skilled attorney from our office.

Winters & Yonker helps the victims throughout the Tampa area resolve their claims and cases.

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