7 Most Important Factors in a Personal Injury Case

7 Most Important Factors in a Personal Injury Case

Personal injury cases are always unique which can make understanding your odds hard. To gain a better understanding of your case, you should speak with a Tampa personal injury attorney. If you’re not quite ready to call a lawyer, learn more about the primary factors impacting your situation. There are many pitfalls that come with handling a personal injury case. Make sure to avoid major mistakes, and take advantage of easy opportunities.

1.   Precedence

Many courts don’t actually hear out entire cases anymore. In fact, many courts rely almost entirely on precedence. This means that they pull out an old case that sounds similar and compare it to your case.

The idea is that this saves time, and helps the judge or jury feel more secure in their decision. Precedence could help your case. Precedence could hurt your case. Working with an attorney might help you find past cases that could help your case rather than hurt it.

2.   Contacting A Personal Injury Attorney in Tampa, FL

Different counties and even cities use different calculations for things like pain and suffering. Tampa and Plant City will have different values on your case. Contact a lawyer in Tampa. They are more likely to have an in-depth understanding of your situation and can help you with the value of your case.

Most often the value is taken from the place where the case is heard. That means that if you live in Tampa, FL and want to stay close to home for court appearances or meetings, get a Tampa Bay lawyer.

It is easy to go to a lawyer that someone else knew, or that you may have worked with previously. The only thing that will come of that is that you’ll put in a lot of drive time and possibly get a smaller settlement.

3.   Recording Your Medical Expenses

Your medical expenses might not be as easy to track as you might initially think. The details of medical expenses can include time lost at work for appointments or therapy. Additionally, many people forget to track their spending on prescriptions.

These details can have a major impact on your settlement if you get one. You need to accurately record who you saw, on what dates, and in what cities. The timing of your medical treatment can help back up missed work logs and more.

Finally, keeping track of these details can help the courts identify the true cost as well. For example, if you went to an Emergency Room rather than an Urgent Care center, the bill for the same treatment was likely much higher.

4.   Collecting Evidence

Not only do you need to show your treatments and medical records, but you also need to prove that someone was at fault. Proving that your injuries came because of someone else’s actions is not always so easy.

To get any compensation for pain and suffering, or help with your medical bills, you need hard proof. Unfortunately, many victims quickly leave the scene of the incident for medical treatment. Hiring a lawyer, or PI can help you recover some evidence.

One example is the image of a tree stump where a runner may have tripped and suffered an extensive injury. Another example of evidence is a witness statement that a driver failed to yield right of way to a pedestrian.

5.   Handling the First Offer

Without a doubt, the first offer from anyone on a personal injury case is too low. Unless the offer was previously discussed with your lawyer, don’t accept it.

6.   Emotional Information

Pain and suffering do not just cover the time lost at work. Use the emotional information that you have available. Did you miss out on your child’s high school graduation because you were in the hospital? Are you unable to dance with your partner at your upcoming wedding from an injury?

These aspects play a role in pain and suffering as you’re missing out on some meaningful life moments.

7.   Getting the Settlement in Writing

This issue comes up time and time again, especially on private property. Exposed tree stumps, fallen branches, poorly maintained yards, the lack of a security system, and more put people at risk. The downside is that there’s almost always a friendship there.

Avoiding a settlement in writing in an effort to keep things civil usually leads to the injured person not getting any compensation.

Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer in Tampa

Get help from a lawyer that puts your interests first. Contact our committed Tampa injury law firm at Winters and Yonker to schedule your consultation right away. We can help you understand more about your situation and plan for the future of your case.

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