5 Important Steps after A Motorcycle Accident in Tampa, FL

motorcycle accident in Tampa

Motorcycle rides are fun-filled experiences, while it may sound very relaxing motorcycle accidents are on the rise. People involved in a Motorcycle Accident in Tampa, FL suffer from serious injuries as the riders and passengers on a motorcycle are more exposed. Moreover, the protection of passengers is compromised when they are on a motorcycle.

The number of motorcycles registered in the USA has increased tremendously from 4.2 million in 2002 to 8.3 million in 2018. As the influx of motorcycles on the road increased, more people are at risk of facing an accident.

The negligence caused by other drivers can result in life-changing injuries. Despite that all vehicles and drivers have equal rights on the road, often drivers tend to ignore the presence of motorcycles. Similarly, sudden impacts such as opening a car door, aggressively taking turns, tailgating, over speeding, and driving under influence are some reasons causing serious accidents.

What to Do If You Are Involved in a Motorcycle Accident in Tampa, FL;

Here are the steps that our Tampa personal injury attorneys recommend:

1. Immediately Seek Medical:

It is highly significant to call for an ambulance immediately. Once the state of shock stabilizes a person might feel comfortable in standing up and walking. However, it is necessary to undergo a complete checkup to rule out any possible damages to internal organs or even internal bleeding. There are conditions for which the symptoms become visible after a while. These conditions may involve:

  • Head & Neck Pain:

Whiplash, a condition caused due to sudden, violent movement of the head in a back and forth motion, can result in strain, chronic pain, and memory problems. The symptoms of traumatic brain injury can also be delayed leading to serious complications. Immediate attention is required for head and neck pain since the pain could be a sign of broken bone or damaged tissues.

  • Abdominal Pain:

Medical professionals are required to evaluate the patients suffering from abdominal pain post-accident. The pain and bruising of the abdomen can also depict internal bleeding which becomes life-threatening, if not treated immediately.

2. Avoid Admitting the Fault:

The aftermath of a motorcycle accident becomes very stressful and traumatic. People may become apologetic after the accident but one should not immediately accept the fault, rather, follow the procedure of filing a report. The law enforcement agency determines the responsibility for the accident. A person may experience extreme shock and may be confused to provide an accurate statement for the police report. It is significant to recall the details of the accident and mention it to the police and emergency doctors.

3. Gather Evidence:

Evidence at the scene of the accident must be gathered by the rider. A motorcycle accident in Tampa, FL may happen more frequently than you think. The rider could utilize their mobile phone for capturing photos and video to provide evidence in the legal process. Moreover, help can be attained from the people witnessing the accident. These collected pieces of evidence assist the personal injury attorney to put forward the maximum claim.

4. Avoid Violence and Control Anger:

It is always better to stay calm and focus on your injury instead of showing aggression to the other driver. Usually, the recklessness of other driver, damages to the vehicle, damages to property, and injuries resulting from collision brings aggressive behavior. Regardless of how angry you may feel, stay calm and let the police officer arrive to report the incident. Violent behavior can turn against the victim during legal proceedings.

5. Injuries & Calculating Damages:

A serious crash can result in expensive medical treatment along with pain and suffering. Severe injuries such as a spinal cord injury can negatively impact the quality of life of the patient in many financial aspects. The requirement for the in-home caretaker, changes in vehicles, wheelchairs, and medical cost of surgeries are all part of this. A traumatic brain injury requires expensive medical care, therapy, and care from your loved ones. Multiple bone fractures require extensive surgery, cast, braces, therapies, screws, rods, and emotional distress. All these treatments are expensive.

Consult with Personal Injury Lawyers in Tampa FL:

The best course of action and possibilities can be identified for you as soon as you bring the case details to your attorney.

If you or your loved ones have been involved in a motorcycle accident, get in touch with us today. Our personal injury lawyers in Tampa Bay protect the rights of the victims involved in Motorcycle Accident in Tampa, FL. We have knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced personal injury attorneys to deal with aggressive insurance companies and bring you justice.

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