The Myths of Low-Speed Accidents

low speed accidents at traffic light

A low-speed accident is nothing to worry about, right? Maybe not so right. In fact, low-speed accidents have a number of very common misconceptions. The myths around low-speed accidents come with the chances of severe injury and life-changing aftermath.

These myths help perpetuate the belief that people don’t have many options when it comes to resolving low-speed crashes or injuries. When you have an injury, it should be your top priority. However, when you have multiple people telling you that you’re being dramatic or playing up a minor injury, it can cause many to avoid treatment or pursuing compensation. We advise you speak with an auto accident attorney in Tampa before deciding if you will pursue damages or not.

No Visible Damage Means No Injuries

Experts have proven that this is not true. That even when a bumper is not damaged, it is possible for the force to have created the opportunity for substantial injury. Soft tissue injuries, in particular, can play a major role in low-speed accidents.

Property damage is hardly an indicator of personal injury. However, car insurance companies will argue with auto accident attorneys in Tampa, FL on this matter for weeks. Proving that you have an injury falls to your responsibility, and when discussing that with a doctor, you may need to bring in an attorney, experts, and witnesses. It’s not always so clear cut as having an x-ray and saying, “here is my broken bone,” because soft tissue injuries may be hard or nearly impossible to detect.

That doesn’t mean they don’t come with a substantial amount of pain or suffering. Soft tissue and neck injuries, when left untreated, can impact your ability to work, perform everyday activities such as taking out the trash and more.

The myth that no visible damage to the car means that there are no injuries is finally taking coming to light.

Parking Lot, Stopped Traffic, and Low-Speed Accidents Don’t Lead to Injuries

Were you stopped in traffic when suddenly the person behind you bumped you a little? Again, with the “no damage equals no injuries” belief, people often accept the myth that congested traffic doesn’t lead to injuries. Again, it couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, if your car was stopped and hit from behind, you may suffer very serious injuries.

Brain injuries can come from low-speed accidents, particularly if the car you were in was stopped at the time. Even a crash at 10 or 15 miles-per-hour could result in serious injuries if your car was not in motion.

You Don’t Need a Car Accident Attorney For Low-Speed Accidents

Not just for low-speeds, but many people in Florida believe that their no-fault policy means they’ll never need an attorney. In other states, drivers are left to duke it out between themselves while battling to prove who was at fault. In Florida, that’s not the case, but it doesn’t mean that your case will be any easier.

In fact, now, instead of fighting another driver, you’re fighting an insurance company. They really don’t want you to have an attorney because it means that they’ll have to put their own legal team to work.

Insurance companies have large legal departments that stand up to cover for them whenever someone tries to pursue full compensation. They will utilize many different tactics, including offering quick settlements and then arguing about whether injuries actually exist or not. They’ll bring in their own witnesses, experts, and even attempt to recreate the crash in a way that “proves” you couldn’t have any injuries.

That’s not fair for you to be up against these legal power-houses without representation of your own. Involving a Tampa auto accident attorney doesn’t mean that you’re trying to “get something” out of a low-speed crash. What it means is that you’re looking for ways to protect yourself and financially recover from an accident.

Reach Out to an Auto Accident Attorney in Tampa

At Winters & Yonker, we help you understand your case past the myths that many drivers believe. If you were hurt in a Tampa low-speed wreck, then it’s likely you do have some injuries. You probably do need a personal injury lawyer, and you may very well have a case where you can get full compensation. With the right car accident attorney in Tampa, Florida you can have a strong case that shows your compensation needs.

Rely on Winters & Yonker to fight for your claim. Our attorneys will work with you and experts involved in crash recreation, investigation, and more to show your financial needs. Contact Winters & Yonker now to meet with an attorney for a consultation and further discuss your crash.

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