Most Common New Year Injuries

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It’s a time to celebrate, reflect on the last year, and look ahead to the future. However, many people don’t make it through New Year’s Eve unscathed. In fact, many people end up in an Urgent Care center or Emergency Room thanks to avoidable injuries. These New Year’s resolve to stay safe and take precautions to avoid these most common New Year’s injuries. Have fun, stay safe, and stay in control of the situation to help those around you stay safe too. It’s possible for everyone to have a great time without placing yourself in harm’s way. However, if you do get injured, make sure to call our Tampa, FL injury attorneys.

Mistakes that Anyone Could Make

It’s a party, or a small together and everyone wants to do something a little crazy. That doesn’t mean you need to take risks that put yourself or others in danger. Many of these mistakes could happen to anyone but are, for the most part, completely avoidable. It’s possible and very likely that you should put some precautions in place in order to avoid these mistakes.

Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk driving should be seeing an ultimate end. Now with AAA offering New Year’s Eve transportation for drunk drivers, there’s no reason for anyone to drive home intoxicated. But even if you’re not feeling up to calling AAA to take you home, you can call Uber or Lyft. These services are making it possible to get out and party on a weeknight while still making it home in time to get some rest before work the next day.

Drunk driving accidents always spike around the holidays, and New Year’s Eve is one of the worst days in the year for drunk driving crashes. These types of crashes lead to fatalities, life-changing injuries, jail time for drivers, and more. This mistake is something that everyone can avoid.

If you’re going to party your way into 2020, then you need to carefully plan how you’ll get home or find a safe place to call it a night.

Fireworks Injuries

Fireworks are great fun, and Florida is one of the better places to use them. The humidity and greenery make it less of a fire risk, but that doesn’t stop people from experiencing burns every year. That’s right. Firework injuries can lead to disfigurement, lifelong suffering, injuries that require months of surgeries, and recovery.

If someone sustains firework injuries at the hand of another, they may be able to hold that person responsible. Holding, throwing, or aiming fireworks in a way that puts someone else at risk of injury can make that person responsible for the financial requirements of their recovery. That can include medical bills, time lost at work, and suffering for areas of concern such as disfigurement.

Projectile Accidents

From gunfire to champagne corks, adults do stupid things on New Year’s Eve. Shooting a gun into the air does not mean that you’re firing a gun safely. In fact, gunfire on New Year’s Eve that involved the gun pointing into the air is responsible for a dozen or so deaths each year.

Champagne corks may not result in death but often result in fractured cheek, jaw, and collar bones as well as eye injuries. What makes these injuries frustrating is that often, there was one person showing off, and another person is now facing years of pain and suffering trying to recover.

Both gunfire and champagne corks would be examples of completely avoidable injuries if only the person responsible thought for a moment before acting on impulse.

Dangerous New Year’s Resolutions?

Every year people make New Year’s Resolutions such as “lose weight” or “be more daring,” and both of those result in injuries. People who resolve to lose weight may find themselves facing self-inflicted injury through improper training or hiring a “friend” as a personal trainer and working for months with a bad form that results in injuries.

Contact Our Tampa, FL Injury Attorneys

When you’re looking for the right personal injury law firm in Tampa, FL, you need to review their case history carefully. It’s possible to find someone experienced with specific experience handling injuries that happen over the holidays. From injuries in the kitchen or jogging down the road and tripping over a tree stump, personal injuries come in many different forms.

When you’re ready to start action against the person responsible for your accident, you need to contact our law office. At Winters & Yonker, we’ll pair you with the Tampa, FL injury attorneys on our team that could serve your case best.

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