Five Injured in One-Vehicle Crash in SW Miami-Dade

Crash in SW Miami-Dade

Five people ended up in a hospital after a one-vehicle crash in SW Miami-Dade on the morning of January 2.

Miami-Dade Police responded to a vehicle accident in the area of SW 128th Street and 137th Avenue. A four-door Infiniti was wrecked and damaged after hitting a palm tree. 

One adult man and four juveniles were traveling in the car and all of them were injured in the crash. Miami-Dade Fire Rescue took the injured to Kendal Regional Medical Center and Jackson South Medical Center.

The reasons for the crash in SW Miami-Dade were not immediately clear. The palm tree was partially covering the roadway and was visible.  According to a Miami-Dade police spokesman, the investigation continues, and there isn’t further information available.

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Source: https://www.local10.com/news/local/2021/01/02/5-people-injured-including-1-child-after-driver-hits-palm-tree-in-sw-miami-dade/

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