Family of a Teenager Who Lost His Life Due to an Accident Files a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Tesla

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The family of Barret Riley, who lost his life in an accident in 2018, has decided to file a wrongful death lawsuit against Tesla. Riley was only 18 when the accident occurred in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on May 8, 2018.

More About the Accident

According to the victim’s family, Riley was driving a 2014 Tesla when he accelerated the car and lost control causing the vehicle to run into a wall. The car caught fire due to the lithium-ion batteries powering the vehicle killing Riley and another passenger seated.
Riley’s parents claim that people were at the scene but they could not reach the victims due to the fire.

What the Family Says

The victim’s family claims that a few months before the accident, they had requested Tesla to install a speed limiter on the car to prevent Riley from going above 85 mph.
The company installed a speed limiter as directed by Riley’s family, however, the device was removed without the family’s consent when they took it for service at an official Tesla facility. Moreover, they allege that the company failed to communicate about the removal of the device to them.
Riley was found to be going at a speed of 115 mph seconds before the accident.
The family claims that the accident was survivable but the fire worsened the situation. They claim that the car’s faulty design caused the massive fire.
The autopsy report submitted to the court proved that Riley had not sustained any major injuries due to the accident and the main cause of his death was the fire.
The complaint claims that the company was aware of the risks involved but took no action to correct the problem.

What Tesla Has to Say

The company is yet to react but they did put a software, named after Barrett Riley, in their cars to let owners set speed limits.
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