FHP Trooper Extricated From a Vehicle Near Alabama-Florida State Line

FHP Trooper Was Extricated From a Vehicle

A FHP trooper was extricated from a vehicle on Tuesday morning after an incident that happened near the Alabama-Florida state line.

Florida Highway Patrol confirms the accident started with a law enforcement pursuit out of Alabama into Florida. An Alabama State Trooper was chasing a stolen vehicle. The vehicle hit into a semi-truck, and the suspect escaped. He was later caught and not hurt.

Florida Highway Patrol informed that in the process, a car was hit while there was a Florida State Troopers inside. One trooper was extricated, while both have been taken to the hospital and have non-life-threatening injuries.

The accident occurred near the COVID-19 checkpoint near the state line.

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Source: https://weartv.com/news/local/fhp-trooper-extricated-from-vehicle-after-incident-near-alabama-florida-state-line

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