Florida Inmate Crashed a Vehicle While Attempting to Escape

florida inmate crashed a vehicle

A Florida inmate crashed a vehicle while attempting to escape on Thursday, December 3. The Department of Corrections inmate attacked an officer then fled with the officer’s vehicle before he crashed it in Lake County, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office informed.

The incident took time around 12:52 p.m. at North John Young Parkway and East Way Expressway when the inmate struck a corrections officer with a shovel and stole his agency truck, according to the sheriff’s office.

The Sheriff’s Office helicopter tracked the vehicle to Lake County where the inmate had an accident at County Road 48 and County Road 470 in Okahumpka. 

A white Ford F-150 crashed at the scene. The vehicle had front-end damages and at least one airbag deployed. Another car was also involved in the crash. The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating the crash in Okahumpka.

The inmate, who was identified as Dalton J. Ayers was arrested by law enforcement in Lake County.

The corrections officer had minor injuries, even though the Florida Department of Corrections informs that the inmate “brutally attacked” him.

Ending up in such an accident can be very complex, especially because the vehicle was stolen by an inmate. In this case, the other party wonders what to do and if they would get their compensation claim.

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Source: https://www.clickorlando.com/news/local/2020/12/03/watch-live-sky-6-flies-over-crash-in-lake-county/

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