A Florida Man Airlifted To a Hospital After An Alligator Attack

Man Airlifted To a Hospital After Alligator Attack

An alligator attacked an unnamed man from Florida while he was attending a wildlife reserve on Saturday. The Florida man airlifted to a hospital after the alligator attack.
The man was immediately airlifted with a LifeStar helicopter to St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, authorities said. Rescuers located the man in a dense marsh district, at the DuPuis Management Area. The reserve spans between Martin and Palm Beach County, Martin County Sheriff’s Office informs (it stretches on 21,875 acres).
For more than an hour, rescuers were trying to locate the injured man, who is in his thirties. Another man in a swamp buggy noticed the victim and called help on his phone. The alligator bit the victim’s leg, leaving him with a severe injury that needed immediate medical help, authorities notified.
Sheriff’s office informed that a witness said that the adult alligator, was quite big (around 10 feet).
For now, there is no update on the man’s state.
Although it was not confirmed, it is believed the man was hunting in the wildlife reserve, when the alligator attacked him. The site is popular for recreational activities such as camping, hiking, hunting, and fishing.
The incident is still under investigation by Florida wildlife officials.
Alligator attacks are not uncommon in Florida. Such injuries can change your life, disrupt your work, and can even end in death. Being injured when you are away from home makes the situation even more complicated.
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