Halloween Parties Can Cause Serious Child Injuries

Picture of children in their halloween costumes about to go trick or treating

Halloween is one of the favorite holidays across America, and Florida is not an exception. Authorities across the state of Florida are very vocal about keeping children safe during this holiday. Trick-or-treating is fun, but allowing your child to go around the neighborhood alone or with friends of his or her age, might not be the smartest idea since Halloween parties can cause serious child injuries
Many child injuries occur on this day due to children playing with sharp toys, wearing costumes, or trick-or-treating alone. If you want to avoid possible problems, make sure your child is accompanied by an adult.
If possible, make sure the trick-or-treating is happening before dark and in a previously known route in your block.
Children could easily get lost or hurt themselves in the dark hours; provide your kid with a flashlight or glow sticks. Although candles or lanterns are cool, don’t allow such accessories (open flame is not a good choice).
Even if your kid is accompanied by an adult, he or she must always stay on the sidewalk. Crossing the street must be done at intersections.
Driving for Halloween can be tricky as well, mostly because children are running across the neighborhood. If you are driving in the evening hours, make sure you drive carefully and always be on the lookout for young treat-or-treaters.
Masks can also be dangerous for children; avoid masks that are dangerous for the child’s vision and breathing. The costume should feel comfortable; avoid too large costumes as they may cause your kid to trip. No sharp accessories should be allowed as part of the costume.
If, by any chance, your child ended up injured during Halloween night, feel free to call our office. Our lawyers will help you with your questions; we cover all child injuries from swimming pool injuries to toy-related injuries.

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