Mother and Baby Seriously Injured in a Direct Crash in Lakeland

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A nineteen-year-old mother and her ten-month-old baby were seriously injured in an accident that happened on Monday.

The Lakeland Police Department is investigating the crash that involved a stolen vehicle. Sometime before midnight on Monday, an officer tried to stop an Infinity EX35 SUV. The vehicle was confirmed stolen out of Lake Hamilton. The officer spotted the car going southbound on Martin Luther King Boulevard.

The driver, twenty-one-year-old Stephen Marra, did not stop and the officer started chasing him. During the chase, twenty-nine-year-old Demarcus Evans, who was a passenger in the car, managed to roll out as the vehicle slowed.

Police say Marra kept driving the stolen vehicle eastbound on George Jenkins Boulevard, nearing the intersection of Sloan Avenue. The driver then crossed into the westbound lanes of George Jenkins while still driving eastbound.

The officer who was chasing Marra slowed down and proceeded driving in the eastbound lanes. While driving uphill (and in the wrong direction), trying to go into a curve, Marra hit a Nissan Altima that was going westbound. The collision was almost direct.

The nineteen-year-old woman driving the Nissan was severely injured, just like her ten-month-old baby in the back seat. After the initial life-saving measures, Marra, the baby and the mother were transported to Lakeland Regional Hospital with severe injuries.

According to the police, the mother and the infant were airlifted to a Tampa hospital. For now, their conditions are not known. The roadway was closed for a few hours on Tuesday, while the police were investigating the crash.

If you were injured in a car accident (no matter whose fault it was) you should seek legal help before taking any further step.

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Source: https://www.abcactionnews.com/news/region-polk/19-year-old-mother-baby-seriously-injured-after-crash-with-stolen-car-lakeland-police-says

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