Motorcyclist Dies in an Accident in St. Petersburg, Roosevelt Blvd.

motorcycle accident

An accident occurred on Saturday morning, sometime after midnight. A Honda minivan collided with a motorcycle. The minivan was going eastbound on Roosevelt Boulevard North in St. Petersburg in the median lane. The 2020 Kawasaki operated by Felix Melendes, was driven by Felix Melendez, was traveling eastbound on Roosevelt Boulevard North. The motorcycle was speeding and weaving through traffic. 

The motorcycle hit the right backside of the Honda minivan and reeled off the south side of the roadway. On the way, it hit the guardrail and a light pole. Melendez died at the scene.

The van rested in the median lane. The van driver and her passenger did not have serious injuries.

Motorcycle accidents often end with fatal outcomes; even when the motorcyclist survives, they often have severe injuries.

Speeding, negligent driving, road hazard, or lane splitting are a few of the most common reasons for such accidents.

Determining liability in such accidents can be easily done, but that should not put motorcyclists at bay if they decide to file for a compensation claim.

Keep in mind that the statute of limitations for motorcycle accidents in Florida is 4 years. If you are one day late, remember, you no longer have a case.

This is why you should act fast. Consult with a motorcycle accident attorney and let him or her do the work for you while you recover from your injuries.

The other party will have their own attorneys as well as their insurance company. Going into the process on your own would be stressful and confusing.

Allow our team at Winters & Yonker to take care of your case. Call us today and get a free case review.

We have long experience with such cases and will stand by your side till the very end.

Source: https://tampa.cbslocal.com/2020/07/18/fatal-motorcycle-accident-in-st-pete-on-roosevelt/

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