One Man Dies in a Five-Vehicle Accident

Breaking news about the five vehicle accident

One man dies in a five-vehicle accident that occurred on I-75 South in Ellenton, on Friday. Investigators closed the road for traffic and examined the scene for hours.
The accident happened in the early morning hours (7:30 am), close to the mile marker 225, near the outlet mall.
Troopers inform the traffic was slowed down after the Mendoza Road; it was not until twenty-nine-year-old Christopher Garcia of Palmetto, did not adjusted the speed of his vehicle and crushed his Toyota 4 Runner into the rear side of a Toyota Corolla.
Garcia’s car continued moving forward, hitting another vehicle, a Chevy Silverado, which rotated and knocked over in a grass median. The car of the twenty-nine-year-old then flipped and hit the back of another vehicle, a Dodge pickup. The collision was so strong that it pushed the Dodge pickup forward into another car, a Buick LaCrosse. Garcia’s car slowed down completely at the right side of the road in the grass median. Unfortunately, Christopher Garcia was killed in the collision. The other four drivers and two other passengers had only minor injuries.
After the accident, police closed two southbound lanes; later that day, one of the lanes was open. The closure of the other lane lasted for several hours, to the early afternoon, complicating and slowing down the traffic for the rest of the day.
Florida Highway Patrol is still investigating the reasons for the five-car collision.
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