Tampa Man Killed in Single-Car Accident

Tampa Man Killed in Single-Car Accident

Usually, when we hear about a single-car accident we assume the people involved made out okay. It’s the multi-car accidents that we think are so dangerous. However, people in single-car accidents often suffer very serious injuries – even death. Sadly, this was the case this past week in Tampa, Florida when a man was killed in a single-car accident.

The police responded to a crash that happened on Interstate 275 at about 10 pm on Saturday. They arrived to find a car blocking the exit ramp at the Hillsborough Avenue exit. A car had flipped over and ended up right-side up on the exit ramp.

Apparently, the driver of the car had lost control while in the Southbound lanes of Interstate 275. He started to veer off the right side of the road when his car flipped over. It eventually landed, right-side up, on the exit ramp. Other cars were actually backed up because they couldn’t get past the victim’s vehicle.

There were no other cars involved but witnesses must’ve provided the police with an idea of what had happened. They do know that at one point, the driver’s SUV had ended up on the shoulder of the road.

The crash was so serious that the driver died and was pronounced dead at the scene. The victim was 51-year old Jason Kurt Brubaker. He was from Tampa, Florida. There were no passengers in the car at the time of the crash. And, thankfully, no other cars were involved.

The investigation is ongoing. So far, the police have no idea what caused Brubaker to lose control of his Jeep SUV in the first place. They have not indicated that alcohol or drugs played any role in the accident.

The exit ramp was closed while the police and fire crews cleaned up the accident scene. If you’re injured in a rollover accident, call our office right away.

Source: https://www.tampabay.com/news/tampa/2020/04/19/tampa-man-killed-in-single-vehicle-crash-on-interstate-275/

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