Teen Dies in a One-vehicle Crash

Teen Dies in a One-vehicle Crash

An eighteen-year-old man died, and a twenty-year-old woman was severely injured in a one-vehicle crash in Putnam County that occurred on Sunday.

Florida Highway Patrol report informs that Rhett Timothy McCool of Palatka was the driver of a Chevrolet Silverado. He was going north on Browns Landing Road sometime before 7 p.m. when, for unknown reasons, the vehicle turned off the road and crashed in a tree. The hit forced McCool and passenger Brittney Kristen Green to be thrown out of the truck, Florida Highway Patrol said.

Eighteen-year-old McCool was pronounced dead at the scene, and twenty-year-old Green was transported to UF Health in Gainesville with severe injuries.

The driver and the passenger did not wear a seatbelt, Florida Highway Patrol informed.

Although most motor accidents involved more than one vehicle, it is not uncommon for drivers to lose control over their vehicle and crash in an object or a tree. Such accidents are not less dangerous because such collisions often end with fatal outcomes.

Most people would believe that the driver was driving under the influence, but more often than not, such accidents happen because of other reasons such as faulty vehicle parts, bumpy or wet roadways, animals that crossed the road, and so on.

The investigation would rule out what was the reason for the accident. If it turns out that it happened because of any of the upper-mentioned reasons, the injured victims could file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the vehicle, the shop that repaired it, or the road maintenance company.

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Source: https://www.news4jax.com/news/local/2020/03/30/teen-dies-20-year-old-critically-injured-in-putnam-county-crash/

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