Woman Pleads Guilty In Crash That Killed Family Of Three

A picture of a serious accident

Amber Perera pled guilty of all charges against her including 3 charges of DUI manslaughter, among others, which could result in sentencing of 91.5 years in prison, Tampa Bay Times reports. Reaching this plea was however not an easy road to travel. After causing a multi-car accident on the Selmon expressway that killed, a family of three, Luiz and Rita Felipak as well as their 8 year-old daughter Giorgia, and resulted in numerous other injuries, Perera fled the scene of the accident. She only stopped when a wheel came off her car after which she was arrested and taken to a hospital.
The officers at the scene reported that she did not perform well on the field sobriety tests. Blood samples were taken at the hospital that Perera later admitted to hiding in her underwear. The second set of tests revealed that her blood alcohol concentration was 1.0 five hours after the accident and that there was evidence of levels of marijuana that would impair her ability to drive.
The guilty plea was entered more than two years after the accident with Perera sticking to her claim that she had a seizure which caused the accident until that point. Medical evidence was presented that she did have a condition that resulted in psychogenic non-epileptic seizures.
Although most attorneys would not recommend entering a guilty plea after a motor vehicle accident, the evidence against Perera was more than enough to warrant taking this step. Even if she had a seizure at the time of the accident, the evidence provided by the blood tests make it clear that she was intoxicated to the extent that she should not have been driving.
Entering a plea of guilty will allow her lawyer to negotiate a lesser sentence on her behalf with the prosecutor in the case. It is clear that in this case, Perera settled for a plea bargain rather than face a judge and a jury of her peers.
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