Wrong-way Driver Causes a Six-vehicle Collision

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A driver caused a crash after traveling in the wrong direction on Interstate 75 sometime before 3 a.m. The accident happened on Sunday and seriously injured the wrong-way driver and another driver, and damaged six vehicles.
Florida Highway Patrol informed twenty-five-year-old Mia Zambelli from Naples, was driving the wrong way on 75. Zambelli was going south in the northbound lanes as she came to mile marker 126 between the Corkscrew and Alico road exits.
Five other vehicles were involved in the collision; the cars were driving in the northbound lanes of 75. The front of Zambelli’s 2020 Ford Mustang hit the front of a 2014 Buick Enclave driven by Marcelin Demitry from Fort Myers. The collision resulted in damaging of all other vehicles.
The police closed the northbound lanes of Interstate 75 were for several hours.
Demitry had minor injuries while a passenger in his car, twenty-one-year-old Kylee Kelly, was severely injured. Zambelli, Demitry, and Kelly were all transported to Lee Memorial Hospital.
The other eight people in the other four vehicles were not injured.
The police investigate the crash. Zambelli is going to take a toxicology test.
Wrong-way drivers are not uncommon in Florida. Even if alcohol or drugs are not involved in the case, all it takes is a little distraction or being uninformed about the road, and you can end up driving in the wrong way.
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Source: https://www.news-press.com/story/news/2020/02/09/fhp-said-naples-woman-going-south-northbound-75-involved/4708855002/

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