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Sometimes car accidents cannot be avoided no matter how careful we are on the road. That is because, not everybody adheres to traffic laws, while other drivers are just too reckless to consider the safety of other road users. If you or someone close to you was recently involved in a car accident in Florida, call Winters And Yonker and we will help with your case. Our experienced Ocoee car accident lawyers will protect your rights and ensure that you are compensated for injuries sustained and damages.

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How Much Does A Car Accident Lawyer Cost?

You may be charged more or less for hiring legal services depending on the law firm or the independent lawyer that you hire. However, at Winters And Yonker law firm, our personal injury lawyers will not charge you unless we win your case. After getting a favorable verdict, our law firm will receive a percentage of your settlement as payment. With such an arrangement, many clients can come to us for legal services without having to worry about any upfront fees.

What Should I Do After A Car Accident?

If you find yourself in a car accident taking these steps can help your claims process:

Contact Police

Contact the police and inform them of the accident. However, do not do this while still stuck in the wreck. Instead, move to the side of the road where it is safe and call the police. Remember, it is vital that you be specific with the location so that the police can identify the exact location. If you are not sure of where you are, consult someone close to you and provide the right physical address to the police.

Exchange Info

The law requires all parties involved in the accident to exchange their information which consists of the driver’s name, car registration number, copy of driver’s license, and address. This is a legal requirement and one could be penalized or risk getting jailed for not complying. Therefore, make sure that everybody involved in the accident provides these details before leaving the scene of the accident.

Review your claim with our Ocoee car accident lawyers.

Record The Scene

You can help your case by recording the scene. If you have a smartphone, use it to record the wreck, as well as the section of the road where the accident has taken place. After recording the footage, make sure that you keep it safe because such content can be used to determine the main cause of the car accident.

Never Admit Fault

Never admit fault after a car accident. That is because other parties will take advantage of the situation and blame everything on you. When this happens, you might end up paying more than the actual required amount as a settlement. Therefore, it is advisable that you first consult a car accident lawyer if you think you are responsible for causing the accident.

Seek Medical Attention

If you sustain serious injuries, seek medical attention and focus on recovering. An ambulance can always be requested to come to the scene of the accident and take you to the hospital. If you sustain minor injuries, it is still vital that you visit a health specialist to seek treatment for the minor injuries and medical evaluation.

Call A Car Accident Lawyer

Whether you think you are at fault or not, you might want to contact a car accident lawyer to guide you on what to do. At Winters And Yonker law firm, we will advise you on what to say when giving your report to the police and when settling the dispute with other parties who are at the scene of the accident.

When Should I Get A Lawyer For My Auto Accident?

If possible, contact a car accident lawyer immediately after the car accident has occurred. That is because an experienced lawyer can start working on your case even before you leave the scene. You can also be sure that you will be able to defend your rights in case you get confronted by the other driver since you will be discussing the matter with your lawyer each minute.

Why Do I Need A Lawyer?

Our attorneys can help you car accident claim thanks to their experience with:

Case Preparation And File A Lawsuit

Preparing for a case and filing a lawsuit is not an easy task. That is because you will be required to gather significant evidence such as police reports, witness statements, car inspection reports, and even medical records to state your case. That is why you need an attorney to do all the hard work for you.

Settlement Negotiation

Not all car accident victims get a fair settlement. That is because most insurers will use any excuse to deny victims their claims or make sure that they are awarded the least amount as compensation. However, by hiring a car accident lawyer in Ocoee, FL, you can be sure that you will be paid what your injury claim is worth. That is because your legal representative will not settle for anything less than what your claim is worth.

Trial Preparation And Representation

Your car accident lawyer will also prepare your case for trial and represent you in court. That is why you need a lawyer who understands your case and aware of the State laws that relate to your case. Court proceedings are also complicated and all the evidence must be presented properly. That is why you need an experienced lawyer to get through these proceedings without making any mistakes.

Moreover, your car accident lawyer can even present you in court if you remain at the hospital and continue to recover. Sometimes, car accident lawyers are forced to continue with court proceedings if the victim is nursing severe injuries or not in a condition that would allow them to attend court sessions.

How Much Can I Expect To Receive For My Damages?

Depending on the damages and injuries sustained, you can get a high or low settlement. That is why you need the help of a car accident lawyer to help find out how much your injury claim is worth. Moreover, there are various factors that contribute to the value of your case such as medical bills, lost wages, and property damage.

What Type Of Damages Can I Recover In Ocoee, FL?

In Florida you are able to recover the following types of damages with an injury claim:


Economic damages provide financial support to the victims and also helps them recover from any financial loss incurred as a result of seeking treatment for injuries sustained. Moreover, for you to recover economic damages, you must have proof of all these expenses. Therefore, make sure that you keep your receipts, medical bills, and other documentation that can be used as evidence.


This is a form of settlement that victims are awarded for losses that cannot be measured such as emotional anguish, humiliation, not able to enjoy life, pain, and suffering, and even damage to the victim’s reputation.


Punitive is a form of warning or punishment that is issued to the defendant for breaching the duty of care that led to the car accident. Punitive damages can be in the form of fines, jail time, or even both. Punitive damages are also used to discourage malicious actions that could cause similar cases in the future.

How Is Fault Determined In Ocoee, FL?

Determining fault after a car accident in Ocoee, Florida is not an easy task. However, the police, experts, and investigators rely on the comparative negligence rule to find out who is to blame for the accident. Therefore, according to Florida law, a car accident victim can fully be compensated for all damages and injuries if he or she was not at the fault of the accident.

An attorney filing a car accident claim for a client in Ocoee.

However, if the victim is found to be at fault as well, then he or she might end up losing a portion of the settlement fee. How much is deducted depends on what percentage the victim contributed to the car accident. For example, if the victim was 40% at fault, then 40% of the amount will be removed from the total value of the settlement fee.

How Long Do I Have To File A Claim In Ocoee, FL?

If you live in Ocoee, FL, and get involved in a car accident, the State requires you to file your claim within 4 years. This time frame is what is referred to as the state’s statute of limitations. Even though this might seem like a long period, it is vital that you file your case at an early stage. That is because taking too long to file your case can lead to unnecessary inconveniences such as evidence getting lost and not getting in touch with potential witnesses.

Therefore, it is advisable that you take the shortest period to file your case with the help of an experienced car accident lawyer.

Schedule a Free Consultation With An Ocoee Car Accident Lawyer

If you or your loved one has been involved in a car accident, contact the Winters and Yonker law firm and will offer your immediate assistance. We usually start by reviewing the case of a client for free before taking the next legal action. You can get in touch with our office by calling (888) 373-7770.

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