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Slipping and falling due to a hazard is the last thing anyone wants to deal with. However, this is a common issue that is seen throughout Florida, making it important to know your legal rights as a citizen. For those hurt in this type of accident, it’s time to talk to an Odessa slip and fall lawyer at Winters and Yonker.

We are fully qualified to work on these cases and will have the expertise to provide real assistance. To learn more about what we do, please give our personal injury attorneys a ring at (888) 373-7770 for a free detailed consultation.

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How Can An Odessa Slip And Fall Lawyer Help Me With My Case?

Several benefits come along with a qualified slip and fall attorney in Odessa, Florida.

You will want to have local legal advice every step of the way. This is why a law firm such as ours at Winters and Yonker is the right option for your needs.

We are equipped to offer a strong strategy that will make it easier to file the claim and ensure it goes through as intended. You will also need a legal professional to assist with negotiations, trial work, and everything else that comes with the process.

Having a trusted professional such as the ones found at our law firm will go a long way.

What Steps Can Be Taken Build A Strong Slip And Fall Case?

It is always important to know your responsibility when it comes to a slip and fall case in Odessa. It is highly recommended to act fast and make sure you prepare a strong case against the other party at the time of the incident.

This means having as much evidence to show your claim is legitimate and one that should lead to appropriate compensation.

To do this, you are going to have to follow specific steps that are essential to seeing good results.

The steps include:

  • Focus on Gathering Evidence (Visuals)
  • Let Law Enforcement and/or Supervisor Know
  • Request Contact Details From Witnesses
  • Ask for Medical Treatment (Request Proof of Medical Treatment)
  • Consult With an Odessa Slip and Fall Lawyer

Anyone that is hoping to see a positive verdict in Odessa has to keep these steps in mind. They are a must to ensure the results are in your favor.

If you want to know what to do next and are seeking a competent attorney in Odessa, it’s time to look at the merits of Winters and Yonker at (888) 373-7770.

How Do You Prove Negligence In A Florida Slip And Fall Claim?

Proving a claim such as this is going to come down to having a reputable legal professional by your side to assist with the case.

This includes showcasing negligence on the part of the defendant. You will want to demonstrate where the fault was, how they didn’t let you know about the danger, and why it led to your slip. This includes the resulting damages that will be claimed.

Review your legal options with an Odessa slip and fall lawyer at Winters & Yonker.

You have to show there is a clear connection between the negligence and the damages you are seeking payment for. This is why you will need as much evidence as possible when building a viable case in Odessa.

How Is Liability Determined In An Odessa Slip And Fall Case?

The determination of whether or not a particular party was negligent or liable comes down to the evidence. There are specific case details that are going to play a role in how the case is shaped and what the judge has to say.

The main factor is going to come down to negligence.

The goal in Florida is to show the other party was responsible for a significant percentage of the slip and fall case. It is best to go through the facts including whether or not you were aware of the on-site hazard.

If you were, it might not be as easy to show negligence. However, you can show liability if the danger was there and the owner refused to do anything about it.

How Much Is My Slip And Fall Case Worth?

The valuation of a case such as this is going to come down to your situation and what it entails. A good example of this would be an individual that falls at a worksite in comparison to someone that slips on ice at a residential property.

There are going to be several factors to account for and this is going to include whether or not negligence was the reason for you getting hurt.

It is best to have a reputable lawyer from Winters and Yonker go through this information for you. It will ensure you get a better read on the claims process and how you have to move forward to maximize the compensation.

What Are The Time Restrictions On Filing A Slip and Fall Lawsuit In Odessa?

It is essential to think about a variety of details when it comes to a lawsuit of this nature. Most clients will be confused as to what to do next and how to make sure the claim is legitimate. During this process, you will come across the statute of limitations. This is set at four years from when the slip took place.

This means you are going to have four years from that date to make your initial claim. It is best to have a trusted Odessa slip and fall lawyer from Winters and Yonker take care of this for you. To let us help, give us a call at (888) 373-7770.

Schedule A Free Consultation For Your Claim With Winters And Yonker

If you or your loved one are dealing with the aftermath of a slip and fall case in Odessa, you should take the time to consult with a professional at our injury law firm. We are professionally trained, have years of expertise, and know-how to handle these types of cases.

It is our committed approach to offering relevant legal guidance that makes us a great option for clients.

We are fully trained to assist and will be more than happy to go through your case step-by-step. Call us at (888) 373-7770 for more information about how to proceed.

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