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Have you been in a Palm Harbor truck accident? Those kinds of accidents are inevitable. One can occur at any time. Although we cannot control them from occurring, what we can do is make sure we obtain a fair amount of compensation by calling a Palm Harbor truck accident lawyer. A lawyer can advise you on your injuries, the amount of payment that you are entitled to, and how to approach the situation. If you have been injured in this type of accident, then you are in the right place. Our personal injury attorneys can assist you with your case and make sure you receive the compensation that you deserve and need.

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Truck Accident Statistics in Florida

Statistics show that in the United States, an individual is killed by a big truck every 16 minutes. In addition, over 140,000 individuals are injured in semi-truck accidents, and about 700 vehicle occupants die every year. Those are devastating numbers. Florida has the third most traffic fatalities involving trucks in the U.S. These are very concerning statistics since so many deaths and injuries result from trucking accidents. A majority of these crashes are caused by wrong-way driving and speeding. This has resulted in Florida starting a campaign called “Stay Right at Night” to help reduce wrong-way driving accidents.

Steps To Take Following A Truck Accident

The following steps should be taken after a truck accident:

Call 911

Contacting the police is the first thing that you should do. That is critical since an accident report will need to be filed, and you need help from the police department to do that. You should always file an accident report, whether or not you were injured, anytime you are involved in an accident. It would be a mistake to fail to do this since it can be used as evidence in your case.

Assist Others

If any other people were involved in the truck accident, help them. Some might be in critical condition and need medical help. Make sure everyone is okay, and ask for help in a critical situation.

Exchange Information

Make sure that you exchange information with all of the other people who were involved in the accident since you will need to have their contact information later. Write down the driver’s name, their phone number, and their home address. Find out who their insurance company is and write down the policy number. Write down the license number of their car as well and any other information that you think is relevant and that you may need later on. Also, find out who the truck driver’s employer is and the company.

Talk To Witnesses And Document The Accident Scene

You should do these things, whether you were injured or not. Documentation includes photographing the scene, as well as getting the contact information of those involved in the accident as well as from witnesses. Make notes on the weather condition as well as any other factors that could have contributed to the accident. Make sure to talk to witnesses and record them if possible. That can help you in the future.

Call A Lawyer

It is also critical to call a Palm Harbor truck accident attorney right away. A truck accident is different from a passenger car accident. It is very important to have someone who is experienced and knowledgeable about these kinds of accidents. They can assist you with your case and claim and provide you with advice on the best way to move forward.

Reach out to our Palm Harbor truck accident lawyers to file your injury claim.

What Are The Laws In Florida On Truck Accident Liability?

In the state of Florida, all drivers are required to carry $10,000 minimum in liability insurance. However, the figure is a lot higher for semi-truck drivers, who must carry $50,000 or more. That is due to the fact that these vehicles are much bigger and they are out on the road for much longer periods of time than other vehicles. Truck drivers are also held to much stricter requirements since the accidents can be far more catastrophic with many fatalities happening every day.

How Can A Palm Harbor Truck Accident Lawyer Help?

When you hire a lawyer for a truck accident claim they can help in the following ways:

Investigate the Accident

A Palm Harbor truck accident attorney can conduct a thorough investigation into what caused the crash. They have experts who can go to the scene to collect and preserve critical evidence.

File Your Claim

They can file a claim to require all parties who are liable to compensate you for your damages.


Your attorney can have negotiations with the insurance company to get you the best deal and make sure you are compensated fairly. They will make sure to reach a settlement that is fair to you and your entire family.


Your lawyer will demand that you receive the maximum amount of compensation and file a lawsuit for you to receive what you deserve. At the trial, our attorney will go all-in for you and make sure that we fight for every cent that you deserve.

What Kinds Of Compensation Can I Get?

You can obtain compensatory damages for both non-economic and economic compensation. Economic damages include specific expenses that you have incurred, including property damage, medical bills, and loss of income. On the other hand, non-economic damages are for such things as disfigurement, loss of consortium as well as pain and suffering. Your case might include punitive damages as well, but those usually are for situations where a defendant is punished for drunk driving or another act of negligence.

Is There A Deadline For Filing A Claim In The State Of Florida?

The statute of limitations is the window of time that a plaintiff has to get a claim filed for damages against the responsible party who caused the harm. The statute of limitations for personal injury claims is four years. In wrongful death claims when a loved one has died as the result of a truck accident in Florida, there is a statute of limitations of two years starting on the date that the victim died. There are exceptions to the rule when the defendant has moved to another state. The courts might also pause the deadline in cases with a mentally incapacitated claimant.

What Can Be Held Liable In A Truck Accident?

Several parties can be held liable in truck accident cases. They include the truck driver, who is the responsible party in many cases, especially if they performed an unsafe lane change or were drunk. The trucking company, parts or vehicle manufacturers, and the company that placed the load on the truck can all be held liable also. It will all depend on the evidence that is available and how the trial proceeds.

Review Your Palm Harbor Injury Claim With Our Lawyers

As you can see from above, the best decision that you can ever make after being in a truck accident is to hire a Palm Harbor truck accident attorney with Winters & Yonker. They can assist you with your case and make sure that all of the liable parties get held accountable. We are prepared to fight for you and make sure you are not taken advantage of by the insurance company. Don’t wait any longer. Call us today!

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