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Burns can be caused by so many hot elements that we use in our super-modern society. From electrical fires to malfunctioning tanning beds, most often the cause for a burn injury can be linked to the carelessness and negligence of another party and even their faulty products.

If you or someone in your family has been injured in a burn accident, you may feel confused and angry, but this is no time to lose your head. Keep cool and lawyer up! Your best course of action is to find an experienced personal injury lawyer who can investigate the causes of your injury and ensure that the liable party or parties provide suitable compensation.

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The Most Common Causes of Burn Injuries

Burns can be caused by a huge variety of elements and substances. Some of these may not even be especially “hot”. Burn injuries can be placed into three major categories, as follow:

Thermal Burns

The most common burn injuries occur when a heated surface has been touched. Heat sources can include heated surfaces, like stoves, exhaust vents, pots or pans. But steam, boiling liquids and open flame can also cause thermal burns. Sunburns are also thermal burns even though they are not always caused by direct contact with a heated element.

Electrical Burns

Contacting an electric current or “live” wire is another way that electrical burns can occur. This is especially common because of the widespread use of electrical power and the many amateur electricians. This type of burn can leave any degree of superficial damage.

Chemical Burns

There are many industries and commercial locations that use a variety of chemical agents in their operations. Chemicals can cause severe burns if they are not handled properly and allowed to contact the flesh, skin, eyes, mouth or even internal organs of the victim — such as inhaling toxic fumes.

An attorney reviewing a potential burn injury claim.

Degrees of Burn Injuries

Depending on the extent of damage from the substance or element that caused a burn, the injury could be classified as a first-, second-, third- or fourth-degree burn.

First-Degree Burns

These are the most superficial injuries and typically damage the top layer of skin. This can cause redness, swelling, pain, and inflammation, but will not cause blistering or scorching. Typically, a first-degree burn is a mild injury that has no great risk of infection and will heal well with mild antiseptics, ointments, and perhaps a regular bandage.

Second-Degree Burns

The second-degree burn is a bit more serious and often identified by swelling and blistering of the skin. The burn has reached past the most superficial layer of skin and damaged the epidermis and dermis. A second-degree burn carries a risk of infection and can take up to 8 weeks to fully heal.

Third-Degree Burns

A third-degree burn has penetrated all layers of skin and damaged the fatty layer beneath the skin. The potential for nerve damage, scarring, and serious infection is exceptionally high and medical attention is vital to a full recovery. Treatment for a third-degree burn will often include strong pain medication and regular attention to ensure the healing process is complete.

Fourth-Degree Burns

A fourth-degree burn has effectively penetrated all layers of skin, the fatty layer beneath, and caused damage to muscles tissue, tendons, connective tissue, and bones beneath. These are especially dangerous burns and characterized by charred flesh, and will often require amputation to avoid life-threatening conditions.

What Type Of Damages Can I Recover?

The damages you can receive compensation for in your burn injury can be classified into three categories.

Economic Damages

These can be easily translated into a financial figure. Economic damages include lost wages, property damage, and the costs of medical treatments, medication, and therapy needed for a full recovery. Economic damages will cover past, present, and future expenses.

Non-Economic Damages

These damages will not be converted into a cash value as easily and a respected professional will often be called in to lend their expertise to producing a proper cash value for the mental anguish, pain, suffering, loss of consortium, and other damages caused by the accident.

Punitive Damages

If the actions of the defendant were especially flagrant, life-threatening, or motivated by hate, punitive damages may also be awarded to the victim for the sole purpose of punishing the offending party.

How Much Will A Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

At Winters and Yonker, we fully understand that burn injuries are not something people plan for and no one has cash on hand set aside for costly lawyer’s fees. For this reason, we offer our professional legal aid on a contingency fee basis. This means you will not be charged anything upfront for our services, case preparation or representation in negotiations or the courts. As a matter of fact, we will not charge you anything at all unless we win the case and provide you with the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Why Do I Need A Burn Injury Lawyer?

Theoretically, you may be able to handle these negotiations and case filing yourself, so why would you want to call in a professional lawyer to help? Here are some of the advantages of signing on with a personal injury lawyer with experience in a court case.

Case Preparation / Filing a Lawsuit

Personal injury law is a complex subject. Having an experienced personal injury lawyer at your side to guide your decisions and help with your case preparation can not only improve the value of your compensation but improve your chances of winning the case.

Review your claim options with a Palmetto burn injury lawyer today.

Settlement Negotiation

Negotiations can be intense and the opposition will not willingly pay out the compensation you are due. But a burn injury lawyer with experience in these negotiations will adamantly seek a resolution that covers the costs of your damages and provides you with the resources to make a full recovery.

Trial Preparation & Representation

While most cases will reach a resolution out of courts, you will certainly want a professional with the experience to defend your rights and interests vehemently in the courts. At winters and Yonker, we prepare all of our cases as if they were heading straight to the court floors.

File Your Claim With Our Palmetto Burn Injury Lawyers

At Winters and Yonker, we fully understand the gravity of a burn injury case and understand the long-term effects that this type of injury can have on the victim and their families. We also understand the mental strain of having to plead with unscrupulous insurance adjusters who refuse to pay the compensation you are due.

For this reason, we are here to fight by your side and provide you with a full understanding of your rights and defend them courageously to obtain the compensation you need to get your life back on track.

Burn injuries can leave the victims lives in disarray and cause considerable pain and suffering. If you are serious about getting the full compensation you are entitled to by the law, you will need professional support. Call (888) 373-7770 to set up a FREE consultation with a lawyer at our Palmetto injury firm. We will examine your case and provide you with the best possible outcome for your situation.

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