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Have you recently been involved in a motorcycle accident in Florida that has left you with significant injuries? When a motorcycle accident occurs, it is imperative that you contact a reputable Palmetto motorcycle accident lawyer that can start to prepare your case to pursue a settlement. Depending upon the level of injuries that you have sustained, and the economic damages that you are currently experiencing, they can assist in getting a proper settlement. That’s why many people contact the Winter and Yonker motorcycle accident lawyers in Palmetto. The following information will explain why you can benefit from our services. Contact our office today to speak with an experienced auto accident lawyer in Palmetto, FL.

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Why Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help With Compensation Claims For Motorcycle Accidents

A personal injury attorney is an individual that specializes in helping those that have been injured physically or psychologically. They can also pursue monetary settlements for damages that have been caused, especially when negligence was involved. These attorneys are able to assist people that have been in motorcycle accidents to help them receive compensation for what has happened. Whether the accident was the fault of another person or multiple people, they can easily prepare a case to present before the court in Palmetto, Florida, to help you receive a settlement for what has happened.

Typical Causes For Motorcycle Accident That Occur

Motorcycle accidents happen more often than you would imagine. Those that are on a motorbike are susceptible to injuries that someone in a car or truck may not experience. They are unshielded from impacts and can be damaged if they fall to the road, especially when moving at excessive speeds. The most common causes for these accidents involve negligence on the part of drivers that may have faulty brakes, faulty mirrors, or the lights on their vehicle may not be functioning properly.

If an unexpected individual is suddenly in the road that they must swerve and avoid, they are often not looking for a motorcycle that is adjacent to them. More times than not, it is simply a failure to pay attention. They may also be distracted while driving. There are those that may also be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while driving their vehicle, and this can lead to catastrophic injuries for a motorcycle rider.

Florida State Motorcycle Specific Laws

As you may imagine, the state of Florida has a multitude of laws that every motorcycle rider must abide by. It’s not just about doing what you are legally responsible for, but by adhering to these laws, you can help keep yourself safe. For example, Florida does have a helmet law. However, it is one that is not entirely inclusive. For example, people under the age of 21 are expected to wear one on a motorbike. However, only those over 21 that do not have medical coverage up to $10,000 are expected to wear a helmet while they are driving the motorbike.

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Eye protection is also mandated, and wearing a headset is not permitted if it is not directly attached to the helmet itself. There are also certain types of equipment that are mandated by Florida law for those that have motorcycles. For example, there are handlebar restrictions in regard to height and both front and back wheels of the motorbike must have functional brakes. Mirrors on a motorcycle are absolutely mandatory, and so also is a functional horn. From headlights to reflectors, all of these laws must be abided by, especially if you want to maintain the highest safety levels.

Common Injuries Often Sustained By Motorcycle Riders In Accidents

There are certain categories of injuries that can happen when a motorcycle rider is in an accident. For example, if they are struck by a vehicle that causes them to slide across the road, road rash is inevitable. Fractures can happen to their bones, typically on the lower extremities, and internal injuries are possible through blunt trauma. Likewise, materials that penetrate their skin can also lead to life-threatening possibilities such as those caused by debris or broken glass during the accident.

Spinal cord injuries that may lead to paralysis can occur. TBI or traumatic brain injuries can happen even if the motorcycle rider is wearing a helmet. Therefore, it is important to always maintain awareness when riding a motorcycle and to follow the laws in the state of Florida. This is particularly true when you are trying to achieve some type of settlement as a result of your motorcycle accident and injuries.

Overview Of State Negligence Rules In Palmetto, Florida

Negligence often plays a large role in why motorcycle riders are involved in accidents. However, these do not just pertain to those that have caused the accident which occurred. Whether there is an individual that singularly cause the accident or multiple parties, the blame is often shifted between everyone involved. That is why you need to have a personal injury attorney that can investigate the scene of the incident. They will gather evidence through discovery, allowing them to collect information such as police reports and also speak with witnesses that were there. All of this evidence that is gathered can help determine the type of compensation potentials that exist.

What Type Of Compensation Can A Person Receive Through A Motorcycle Accident Claim?

Starting with punitive damages, these can be ordered by the judge that deems the responsible party for the accident was a repeat offender. They could have also been grossly negligent, such as driving while under the influence, and this can cost to them a substantial amount of money. This money does not go to the injured party directly but is simply a form of punishment for what they have done.

In regard to what the person will receive as part of their settlement, this involves both non-economic and economic damages. Noneconomic damages pertain to mental duress, pain-and-suffering, and loss of companionship. It can also pertain to loss of enjoyment of life and also if their reputation has been sustained in some way. Economic damages are much easier to calculate as they pertain to things that can be calculated numerically. This could include personal care costs, funeral costs, and the cost of living with a consistent disability. At the very least, property damage, medical expenses, and loss of income will be included in the settlement amount.

Schedule A Free Consultation With A Palmetto Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

After assessing all of this information, it should be clear that having a personal injury law firm to represent your case would be a good idea. Instead of trying to represent yourself in a court of law, you should allow skilled and highly successful attorneys to do this work for you. That is why many people will contact the Winters and Yonker law firm if they are ever involved in this type of situation. By calling us at (888) 373-7770, you can schedule your free case review so they can determine if they can help you or not.

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