Parking Lot Accidents that Lead to Serious Injuries

Parking Lot Accidents that Lead to Serious Injuries

You’re out doing your shopping or running errands. Then as you’re backing out of a parking spot or walking across the parking lot, you’re in an accident. It’s not as uncommon as many people think. However, there are many issues that come up with parking lot accidents because it’s private property, low-speed, and often involves pedestrians.

What happens in these situations, and is there hope to recover financially after a devastating parking lot accident? Is a Lakeland auto accident lawyer right for you, and why would you need a lawyer for a simple accident? There’s nothing as complex as a wreck on private property.

Pedestrian Parking Lot Accidents

Pedestrian accidents can result in lifelong spine and joint injuries. It can keep someone out of work for years as they have many surgeries in an attempt to recover their previous level of health. It’s also possible that these accidents won’t fall under any insurance coverage.

If you were walking through the parking lot and were struck by a car, then your auto insurance might not be the first thing on your mind. Many pedestrians don’t know that they can seek compensation for injuries sustained as a pedestrian through a UIM policy.

An uninsured motorist coverage policy can cover walking injuries. Because Florida has a complicated fault system, it means that you can’t outright rely on your insurance. Unlike other states, an injured person does not seek compensation from the responsible driver. Instead, they must seek compensation from their own policy. Having UIM on your policy is vital because otherwise, a pedestrian may not have access to compensation in a car crash.

Texting and Walking

Did you swerve and hit a pole or another vehicle in an attempt to avoid a pedestrian who was texting and walking? Texting and walking are major issues, particularly in parking lots, because pedestrians have a false belief that they’re safe. That’s not the case, though. In a parking lot, nearly everyone is distracted and on their way to their next errand or trying to rush home or to work.

If your crash was caused because of a distracted pedestrian, then you may have the opportunity to recover your damages through your PIP plan. However, a car insurance company will likely do everything in its power to minimize the amount of compensation that you have access to.

Backing Into Each Other

Backing into each other is quite common in parking lots. Not only is there the presence of many drivers, lack of right of way understanding, and pedestrians, but there’s also uncommon signage. Signs in parking lots can cause many problems and a substantial amount of confusion.

In car accident cases in Florida, the drivers or injured people should refer to their own car insurance policies. Essentially, if you get hurt, your policy should cover your injuries. But the most common injuries that come from low-speed backing-up injuries are neck and soft tissue injuries. These injuries, in particular, are difficult to showcase with insurance reps.

Insurance representatives will often downplay these accidents and do everything they can to avoid making a payout on your police. However, these injuries can be very serious, and it’s important that someone hears and genuinely listen to your case. After a wreck was, you and another driver backed into each other. You need legal help. It’s not fair how car insurance companies run the system that decides who gets financial compensation and who doesn’t.

Who is at Fault in Parking Lot Accidents?

The good news is that in Florida, the no-fault system protects drivers in a very different way than traditional fault systems. Now you’re not wasting time and every battling against another driver. Instead, you’re worried about whether your car insurance will pay out or not. That means that you’re up against a major company with experience in telling people “no,” repeatedly.

Should You Involve Lakeland Auto Accident Attorneys?

Yes, you should because it may not have been the other driver’s fault. Private property car accidents involve many other nuanced issues. It’s possible that a lack of signage or visibility led to a crash that resulted in serious injuries. Car insurance companies will often downplay these accidents or outright refuse to cover the damages.

Contacting an attorney should be your first step in resolving your crash. After you get medical attention, reach out to an experienced Lakeland personal injury lawyer at Winters & Yonker, P.A. for guidance on how to handle your claim and fight for full compensation. Getting full compensation could allow you to recover the cost of your medical bills, pain and suffering, and more.

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