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When an individual is injured due to the negligence of another, it is so important to receive legal counsel. If you are in Parrish, Florida, and you have become the victim of a distracted driver, you will certainly want to contact a local attorney. The sooner that you can present your case before the court, the faster you will receive a settlement that can help you pay for medical bills or lost time from work.

All of this is possible when you are working with the Parrish distracted driving accident lawyers at Winters and Yonker that will enable you to present your case before the court. If you have been in this type of accident, you can contact us today to schedule a free consultation. You can call our car accident lawyers at (888) 373-7770 or use the contact form to take advantage of this special service.

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A Basic Overview Of What Distracted Driving Really Is

The term distracted driving is representative of an individual, behind the wheel of the vehicle, that is distracted in some way. This can happen on a daily basis, often without incident, simply because people can become distracted by things they see and hear. There are other circumstances, however, where an individual is purposefully distracting themselves, sometimes making an illegal decision. These decisions, whether innocent or purposefully done, can often lead to accidents that can cause injuries. There are three categories that pertain to distracted driving.

The Three Types Of Distracted Driving

The first and most common type of distracted driving pertains to visual distractions. As we are scanning the road, we may see something off to the side that will take our attention away from our focus. Manual distractions are becoming more common, and more problematic, primarily because of cell phones that people use every day. Finally, cognitive distractions are those that inadvertently cause people to think about something that distracts their attention from the road in front of them. The reason for these designations is likely for legal purposes.

For example, someone that is distracted because they are daydreaming while driving is not trying to distract themselves. However, an individual that is taking their hands off of the wheel, falling into the category of manual distracted driving, may be held liable for injuries that a person sustains because they have made a poor choice.

Are There Laws Regarding The Different Types Of Distracted Driving?

There are certain laws in the state of Florida that focus on distracted driving. In fact, Florida itself is second from the top when it comes to distracted drivers. This has led to around 50,000 crashes because people are distracted while driving. Many of these have led to significant injuries of others, as well as hundreds of people that are killed as a result of being distracted. The reason that these laws are important is that they in some way protect those that are the victims.

For example, if someone is writing something down, or if they are texting someone that they know, they can be held liable for the injuries that they cause another person. The same is true for those that are using handheld cell phones, and even those that are using certain types of earbuds while they are driving. Keep in mind that these laws may not pertain to professionals that are involved in law enforcement or fire safety because they often need to use tools and instruments in order to perform their job.

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Damages That Victims Can Receive Through Distracted Driving Accident Claims In Florida

Based upon these laws, it is often easy for those that have been injured severely to receive settlements in court as a result of the actions of a distracted driver. First and foremost, if the individual that was injured has been hospitalized, they can often seek money for prescription medication costs, home care expenses, medical-equipment fees, and all of the hospital bills that are the result of this distracted driver.

Likewise, if they are not able to return to work for an extended period of time, they are obviously not making any money. Lost earnings can be recovered as a result of claims filed against distracted drivers. Other economic damages may also be extracted including money for vehicular repairs, pet care, meal preparation services, and alternative forms of transportation. These laws make it possible to properly prosecute these individuals, as well as obtain monetary settlements in court that can help victims pay for damages.

What You Should Know About Florida Statute Of Limitation Laws

There is a four-year statute of limitation law in Parrish, Florida, which is the absolute limit to which someone can file a claim. For example, from the date of the accident itself, up until four years from that point in time, a victim of a distracted driving incident can pursue legal compensation. Unfortunately, many people do not seek legal counsel or even retain an attorney, which can help them get the maximum amount. They literally compromise their ability to pursue obtaining the money that they need to pay for expenses that are the result of this accident.

Why You Need A Parrish Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer

The victims of distracted driving accidents should do their best to find a competent law firm that can represent them in court. These are individuals that understand personal injury law, as well as tort law, both of which may be necessary in order to obtain a monetary settlement. If a distracted driver has caused your accident contact our personal injury firm. Reach out to our attorneys, discuss your case, and see if we can help you. We offer a free consultation so that you can feel confident that you are potentially working with a legal team that actually wants to help.

This is why anyone near Parrish that has been involved in a distracted driving accident should contact the law offices of Winters and Yonker. We have been dealing with these types of cases for many years, and are experts at all laws pertaining to distracted drivers. If the injuries that you have sustained have cost you we want to represent your case. You can contact us by phone, or you can use our contact form to gather more information before setting up your initial consultation. To speak with us on the phone simply call (888) 373-7770.

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