Pedestrian Accidents – Your Rights In Tampa, Florida?

pedestrian accidents Tampa Florida

When we talk about road accidents, most of the time we think of cars or trucks. Very rarely do people think about pedestrians or the fact that pedestrian accidents are also quite common in Tampa, FL. In fact, there are many times when motor vehicles hit pedestrians. There is no question that there are way too many cars on the road and bad drivers. These two factors together end up causing many pedestrian accidents. If you are a pedestrian and if a driver hit you, you should talk to a pedestrian accident attorney as soon as possible since you have your rights in Tampa that protect you from pedestrian accidents.

While there is no doubt that bad drivers often hit pedestrians, at the same time it is also the pedestrian’s responsibility to be careful when they’re on the road. Also, all pedestrians need to know two things – the traffic laws in Tampa Bay and their rights. If involved in a pedestrian accident through no fault of yours, you should always seek assistance from an injury lawyer.

Pedestrian Laws In Tampa, Florida

While there are many traffic laws for drivers, it is important to understand that there are also pedestrian laws. Pedestrians should only cross the road where there is a crosswalk. Pedestrians should not just jaywalk anywhere and everywhere. Secondly, pedestrians should follow traffic signals when crossing the roads. In Tampa, pedestrians have the right of way when crossing the road at the appropriate crosswalk, but this does not mean that they cross when there is a stop sign for pedestrians.

If injured while they are breaking the signal or if jaywalking, the driver is not liable. It will be the pedestrian’s fault. At the same time, a vehicle driver is also supposed to drive carefully and be alert for any pedestrians. If they see a pedestrian, they should stop and let them pass by instead of racing ahead. This should be the rule even if the pedestrian is jaywalking or breaking a stop signal.

That is because if the car doesn’t stop, there is a risk of serious injury. Overall, drivers have a greater duty to maintain the safety of pedestrians, even if the pedestrian is behaving irresponsibly. Talk to a pedestrian accident attorney if involved in a pedestrian accident in Tampa, FL.

Even though drivers are expected to give the right of way to pedestrians, it is also the pedestrian’s responsibility to avoid jaywalking and to wait for the appropriate signal before crossing the road at a traffic light. They should also only cross the road where there is a crosswalk. A pedestrian usually stands little chance of avoiding injury in pedestrian accidents, and that is why it is best to be careful. If a driver hit you and if you have suffered injuries, you should talk to an injury lawyer immediately.

Who is at fault in pedestrian accidents?

When a pedestrian accident happens, the police will determine who was at fault. If the pedestrian was partially at fault, they would only get partial compensation. For example, if jaywalking and hit by a speeding car, you are also responsible for the accident.

Pedestrian accidents in Tampa occur more frequently at intersections and crosswalks. Often the drivers are in a hurry and don’t show courtesy to pedestrians. And sometimes it is the pedestrians rushing to cross the road when the signal is about to turn red. Call a pedestrian accident attorney to find out if you can get compensation.

If you were involved in a pedestrian accident, you should speak to a Tampa FL personal injury attorney at Winters and Yonker. You need to understand that pedestrians have rights. If injured, our injury lawyer could help you get compensation for the damages that you have incurred. Call our pedestrian accident attorney today to find out how we can help you get justice. In most pedestrian cases, it is the driver who is at fault, but you still need an injury lawyer to present your case. Talk to us today. We are here to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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