Personal Injury Claims Regarding Restaurants

Personal Injury Claims Regarding Restaurants

Restaurants are where families or friends meetup to enjoy each other’s company. But what happens when things go wrong, can things go wrong? Absolutely, St. Petersburg injury lawyers handle these types of claims all the time. Not only is it possible for someone to slip, take on burns, or experience other injuries, but it’s more possible than you might think.

Slip and Fall Cases

Many people joke about slip and fall cases being scams, but that is largely untrue. Insurance companies have worked hard over the years to make it seem as if people who submit slip and fall personal injury claims are looking for a handout.

While there are people who purposely throw water on the floor, or move wet floor signs, these cases are rare. It is more likely that someone washed their hands or slipped a bit from a glass of water, and no one noticed until you slipped. It happens often and falls come with serious repercussions.

Usually, when falling, people tend to land on their back or side, leading to back and hip injuries. Joint and back injuries can come with decades of pain and suffering if not treated correctly and immediately.

Food Poisoning

Can you sue for food poisoning? Yes, and in some cases, you should. If you ate somewhere and you ended up staying at a hospital, missing work, and incurring medical debt, then you need the responsible party to step up and take responsibility for part of these issues.

In 2018 Chipotle faced multiple lawsuits after an alleged outbreak of foodborne illness erupted at one of their Ohio locations. It is possible to sue for food poisoning, but it is much easier when there are many people involved who experienced the same symptoms and ate at the restaurant within the same time frame. Proving foodborne illness is very difficult, but not impossible.


The infamous McDonald’s coffee lawsuit and many similar to it showcase that burns are no temporary matter. Many restaurant employees and patrons experience burn on the job and will often get little more than burn cream on site.

While restaurant guests may receive an apology or a free meal, that does little to ease the physical pain. Burns not only require medical treatment quickly, but they can lead to disfigurement even when receiving proper treatment. Burns is a costly injury that can impact someone for the rest of their life.

When servers spill coffee, hot water, or soup onto a customer, they should do much more than just offer some soothing gel. They should take an incident report and anticipate that you will contact an attorney to help you recover compensation for your medical bills.


Those signs, “We have the right to refuse service to anyone,” don’t explicitly allow people to get away with discrimination. While it is true that restaurants can refuse to provide service, these signs usually help business owners protect themselves from irate, irrational, or intoxicated people that come in to “dine” but really just want to cause the staff trouble.

It becomes discrimination when there is very clearly a pattern of refusing service to individuals of a targeted group. There are a few qualifiers here that need to be laid out. First, if the action is politically motivated, morally motivated, or motivated by concerns of safety are not discrimination. Second, discrimination applies exclusively to protected classes, including race, sex, disability, and religion. In other words, there is a clear legal divide between discrimination and rude behavior.

To sue for discrimination, you must show that the restaurant refused your service because of your protected trait. For example, if a woman walked into a restaurant and said, “Men only, no service for you,” that is discrimination.

The same could be said of establishments that make it impossible for disabled people to access their location. If the only way to enter a restaurant is up a huge flight of steep stairs, then it clear that they don’t want to accommodate wheelchairs. Discrimination is a major claim, and proving discrimination can be difficult.

Contacting an Attorney For Personal Injury Claims

At the St. Petersburg personal injury law firm of Winters & Yonker, we help those who have experienced personal injury in any variety of environments. After an injury in a restaurant, you will definitely need the guidance of an attorney. Small businesses or even big chains can attempt to downplay or outright deny your personal injury claims.

Seek full, fair, and rightful compensation to cover the medical expenses incurred from your accident. Always seek out an attorney. Contact Winters and Yonker for guidance and to schedule a consultation to discuss your case more.

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