What Are Some Basic Dog Bite Laws In Tampa, Florida?

 There is no doubt that a dog is a man’s best friend. But sometimes, there are certain untrained dogs which result in a dog biting someone. Dog bites can be very serious for both children and adults. Dog bites are also quite frequent in Tampa, FL. If you were bitten by a dog and have suffered injuries, you should speak dog bite lawyers to find out how you can get compensation for your injuries. Florida has enacted serious dog bite laws which are primarily designed to help the victim. If you or someone in your family was bitten by a dog, speak to personal injury attorneys so that you can get the maximum compensation you deserve.

The primary dog bite laws in Florida offer several ways for dog bite victims to receive compensation for their injuries. However, to get compensation, your dog bite lawyers will have to prove:

1) That the dog owner was negligent

2) That there was a statutory liability or

3) That there was an intentional tort.

However, keep in mind that there is a statute of limitation in place if you want to file a compensation claim. That is why it is important you get in touch with personal injury attorneys who have experience with dog bite cases. Florida has a four-year statute of limitations. If you miss this deadline, your chances of getting any compensation are very low.

Dog bite lawyers can assess your claim and can file a claim on your behalf in line with the dog bite laws in Tampa, FL. If the dog owner’s insurance refuses to pay out, your personal injury attorneys can take the company to court.

What Are Some Important Dog Bite Laws In Tampa, FL?

Like most other states, Florida uses a legal standard known as the Statutory Strict Liability when it comes to dog bites. What this means is that the dog owner is strictly liable when their dog bites another person and causes injury. This law is one of the ways the victim of the dog bite can receive monetary compensation. It does not matter how much or how little the owner was at fault when the dog bit the victim. The law states that the owner is liable for any injuries or damage that their dog causes to some. If you want to find out more about the strict liability dog laws, talk to dog bite lawyers.

The dog owner cannot claim that the dog has never bitten anyone, has never barked at anyone or shown any aggressive tendencies. Even if this is true, the owners are still liable for any injuries caused by the dog. However, if provoke a dog and the dog bites you, then you will also be responsible for this incident.  The owner’s liability reduces as you are the one who provoked the dog to react. Speak to our personal injury attorneys to find out how you can file a claim if a dog bit you.

Strict Liability Rules for Dog Bites in Florida

Florida’s strict liability rules for dog bites also don’t apply if:

  • Trespassing on private property and bitten by a dog.
  • A police dog is performing its duty, and you were doing something that caused the police dog to attack you.
  • You were committing a crime, and a dog on the property in question attacked you in response.

In any case, Florida laws are pretty straightforward when it comes to owner responsibility. The dog owner has to exercise reasonable care with the dog and have them on a leash while walking. They are also required to have a fenced area so that the dog would not be able to attack people.  Finally, if the dog owner orders the dog to bite you, they have the responsibility under intentional torts.

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