4 Tips from a Personal Injury Lawyer in Tampa To Stay Safe on a Bike


At Winters Yonker, we’ve covered the topic of bike safety and driver awareness frequently because of the high-volume of Tampa bike injuries. Unfortunately, as any personal injury lawyer in Tampa knows, bike accidents just aren’t slowing down. Although it is evidently the driver’s responsibility to know the rules of the road and how to drive safely around bicycles, bike riders can certainly take their share of accountability too.


Here are four tips to improve your safety while you’re riding a bike and reduce the chance of a car accident. Bicyclists often have to go through car insurance crash resolution, but in Tampa, because of how PIP insurance works, the whole process becomes convoluted quickly.


How can you hold the driver accountable for their clear disregard for your safety, when your only option is to go through insurance that you pay for? The answer is that that’s not the only option. Winters & Yonker provide personal injury legal support whether the injury revolves around your bike or a crash.

Always Wear Proper Safety Gear

When people think of bicyclist safety gear, the first thought is a helmet. Unfortunately, there is no overarching law in Florida that requires adults to wear a helmet. Anyone over the age of 16 can legally write all over town without a helmet. However, Federal safety standards have shown that specific helmets can drastically reduce the likelihood and extent of a head injury and brain trauma in the event of an accident.


But, what else are the only safety equipment that bicyclists should have on hand or head? Perhaps the next best element of safety or protective gear that bicyclists should wear every time they go out is a reflective vest or reflective clothing. Bicyclists can find nanny different workout attire that has reflective strips. Reflective clothing alerts drivers to your presents, and that is the biggest factor in bicycle accidents. Any personal injury lawyer in Tampa will tell you that drivers are typically bike blind, which means they don’t see a bicyclist until it’s too late. If a piece of clothing can change that, there’s no reason to not wear it.


Finally, there are odds and ends or safety accessories that bicyclists could and should wear. Gloves and high socks can greatly reduce road rash.

Observe Changes in Speed Limits

It is extremely frustrating to move from one speed limit to another because you have to adjust speed, but because drivers are put on edge because of these changes. When you’re driving with auto traffic and go from 45 miles an hour to a school zone, the drivers aren’t concerned about you anymore. They’re concerned about their speed and accommodating the changes and are distracted.


Use apps or websites such as MapMyRide to plan ahead for changes in speed limits.

Assess the Situation Before Proceeding

Did your bike lane break because of a busy intersection that you didn’t expect? Maybe you were heading through the bike lane at a comfortable speed, and then all of a sudden, there’s a bunch of cars parked in it.


It is always best to simply stop and take a minute to assess the situation. Get off the bike and head over to the sidewalk where you’re off the street and can see exactly what’s happening.


Tampa is working to become more bike-friendly, but the continuation of bike lanes and citations for people who park in bike lanes are slow to advance. The progress that comes to protecting bicyclists is coming only as a result of the rise in bike accidents. Tampa has, in the last few years, acknowledged the people injured or killed a result of bike accidents, specifically involving vehicle drivers. But, this is only getting us so far.

In a Bike Accident? Call a Personal Injury Lawyer in Tampa at Winters Yonker

If you are in a bike accident because of a pedestrian, scooter rider, fellow bike rider, or a vehicle driver, come to Winters Yonker. We handle car accidents and bike accidents are all associated with personal injuries. As a personal injury lawyer in Tampa, we’re helped residents for years, and we’re not slowing down yet. As bike accidents continue to increase in Tampa will be right here to help those victims seek out financial recovery to handle their medical bills and the income lost through their accident.


Personal injury protection insurance will only get you so far, and dealing with those insurance providers can be strenuous and costly. Winters Yonker, we focus on your damages, your trauma, and your pain. Gain access to the legal resources necessary to seek out a lawsuit or a formal Insurance claim to hold the person responsible for your bike accident accountable. Call Winters Yonker today.

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