What Happens When You Can’t Afford Physical Therapy for a Wreck

Physical Therapy after a Wreck

Physical therapy after a wreck can help your muscles and more recover. After any crash, you’ll want to go through and pursue the greatest compensation demand possible. However, many people don’t realize that they need physical therapy until after they close their claim. The claim process will often try to close as quickly as possible, and this is one of the tactics that companies use to minimize compensation.

During your recovery, you should talk about physical therapy from the very beginning. Your medical team should have a clear recovery plan, and the payment for that recovery should come from your insurance company. In extreme cases, if your insurance is maxed out and the other driver was clearly negligent, you may need to file a civil claim against the driver. A Tampa automobile wreck attorney can help you with this.

Will You Need Physical Therapy After a Wreck?

Depending on your injuries, you may need physical therapy. Even soft-tissue damage such as whiplash can call for therapy if it’s extreme enough. Any recovery plan that involves surgery or limited range motion will often also require therapy. The point of physical therapy is to rebuild the strength and flexibility in tissues and muscles affected in the wreck.

After surgery, for example, you may go days or weeks without putting too much strain on that muscle group. The result is that the group impacted is weaker and needs guiding support to get back to where it was beforehand. After any crash, you should talk to your doctor about your full recovery plan. If they intend on you to have physical therapy after a wreck, then you should know about it well ahead of time.

Is It Optional?

Nearly every medical treatment is optional if you’re in the right state of mind to deny it. For example, if you’re in a coma, then you’re not the one making the medical decisions for yourself. Now, if you had knee surgery and your doctor suggests physical therapy, you can deny it or choose to accept it.

However, keep in mind that physical therapy or even mobilization therapy is meant to provide your body with benefits and facilitate a full recovery. That doesn’t happen when you’re sitting at home. If you do choose to deny physical therapy, then you need to take control over the rest of your recovery by staying active and treating the injury accordingly.

Now, don’t deny physical therapy based on price. Even if you don’t have health insurance, you can probably get coverage for your physical therapy costs through your car insurance. Because the injury was caused by a wreck, you should be able to include the physical therapy in your wreck claim.

What are the Benefits of Physical Therapy after a Wreck?

Physical therapy is meant to provide numerous benefits over a usually short period of time. Physical therapy can help people learn to manage pain without opioids or with a reduced need for them. It can also help to both avoid and recover from surgery.

With a physical therapist, you will learn to improve the mobility, movement, and strength of the affected area. They may also play a role in how you recover as they can speed up or slow the plan for your recovery. For example, if you’re doing well, have a good range of motion, and are consistently building strength in the impacted area, they may decide that you’re fully recovered before you’re done with the anticipated time of therapy.

During physical therapy, you’ll go through regular evaluations to ensure that it’s doing what it should. Physical therapists will create a treatment plan and then adjust or modify that plan based on your evaluations.

Before Worrying About Cost, Call an Auto Accident Attorney in Tampa

Tampa car accident law firms will understand that you have many more financing and payment options available in handling your recovery. You’re not looking at the balance in your bank account. In fact, with a medical lien, you may never physically see the bills for your medical treatment, including physical therapy. If your medical team recommends physical therapy, then it may not be something you want to skip on, and instead, you should add it to your claim.

Discuss your physical therapy and recovery with an auto accident attorney in Tampa at Winters & Yonker. At Winters & Yonker, our attorneys will help you navigate the changing situations that come with your recovery and your compensation. We’ll help you know when to pursue compensation and when to notify your insurance company that your demand is complete and includes physical therapy.

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