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Burn injuries are some of the most traumatic and catastrophic injuries that you can suffer in a construction accident, car accident, or another type of tragic event. Our Pinellas Park burn injury lawyers at Winters & Yonker, PA draw on their decades of experience with personal injury matters to help burn injury victims receive the compensation they deserve after another’s misconduct or negligence has caused their life to be turned upside down. If you’ve been burned, our attorneys will fight to make sure you’re fairly compensated for your suffering and for the medical care that you need to recover as much of your quality of life as you can.

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Burn Types

The more serious the burn, the greater the risk of lasting scarring and dangerous complications. Burns are classified into degrees based on how deep and severe the damage is:

First-Degree Burns

While first-degree burns cause instant and lingering pain, they are usually not serious. You can treat them at home by running some cool water over the area that is affected and then apply a burn ointment and an oral analgesic or topical pain relief. The top layer of skin on a first-degree burn is damaged and tends to become inflamed or red.

This type of burn will take around one week to one and a half weeks to heal. However, if an area of over three inches around is covered by the burn, or if the burn covers a major joint, then it is a good idea to seek medical treatment to ensure the burn is cared for properly and properly heals.

Second-Degree Burns

With this type of burn, the burn extends beyond the epidermis (top layer of skin) and also damages the dermal layer underneath. Second-degree burns are characterized by blistering or painful sores along with redness. Burn blisters with sores and blisters are at risk of getting a severe bacterial infection. That is why it is so important for the wound areas to be kept bandaged and clean.

A second-degree victim might be able to care for their burn at home or might need to seek medical treatment, depending on how big the burn is and whether or not it covers a sensitive area of the body, like the groin, face, feet, or hands. Second-degree burns may result in scarring if they are not treated properly and promptly. If scarring does happen, corrective surgery might be necessary.

Third-Degree Burns

Burns that penetrate through all three skin layers (subcutaneous fat, demis, and epidermis layers) are called third-degree burns. Those burns might affect more than only the skin and may cause damage to internal organs, nerves, and muscles. The appearance of the skin might range from waxy and white to leathery, charred, and dark brown.

All third-degree burns need medical care from a specialist or doctor. Treatment is needed to prevent scarring and infection in addition to permanent damages to the body. It might be necessary to remove damaged tissue, and depending on the size of the burn area, surgical techniques like skin grafting might be needed to replace skin that has been damaged.

Image showing damage to layers of skin in degrees of burns. Contact a Pinellas Park burn injury lawyer.

Burn Injury Causes

Burns are caused by fire, hot liquid, steam, or hot surfaces. Electricity, chemicals, and radiation such as the sun’s ultraviolet rays can also result in burns.

Accidents that often lead to burn injuries include:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Fuel-fed fires and explosions that take place in a motorcycle, truck, or car accident may cause fatal or serious burn injuries. People might be trapped inside of a burning vehicle or come directly in contact with a very hot liquid or engine component, which causes thermal or contact burns.

Defective Products

Defectively manufactured or designed electrical appliances might catch fire, overheat, or spark, which can cause contact burns, electrical burns, or a house fire.

Industrial Accidents and Construction Accidents

Industrial and construction workers are at risk of thermal burns, chemical burns, contact burns, and electrical burns from factory explosions and fires.

Major Burn Injury Risks

Serious risks of  burn injuries include:


Bacterial infection is always a risk when there is broken skin. With severe burns that go through multiple layers of skin or where healing takes several weeks, there is a higher risk of infection. The actual wound site might not only become infected, but bacteria might also get inside the bloodstream and cause septic shock or sepsis. This is a very serious condition that can result in the shutdown of critical body functions and organs.


Whenever burn injuries are healing there is always a risk of scarring. Disfigurement and scarring may cause limited motor function and mobility within the infected area, in addition to emotional and psychological trauma that lingers long after a burn has healed. Scarring can be minimized by special care being employed while treating the burn, but surgery or other treatments might be required later to eliminate or reduce the scarring that is interfering with a person’s ability to fully function.

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