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It is indicated by reports that over 420,000 emergency department visits in the United States are from burn victims. A high percentage of them have severe burns and the victims must be admitted to a specialized burn recovery center. A majority of burns relate to workplace accidents. If you suffered a burn because of the careless or wrongful actions of another, a Plant City burn injury lawyer can help you file a lawsuit and claim the compensation you deserve. Contact Winters & Yonker today for a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer.

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What Are the Most Common Causes of Burn Injuries?

Essentially, a burn is a form of damage to the body tissue that is a result of sun exposure or some other form of radiation, heat, electricity, or chemicals. Some of the most common causes include the following:

  • Explosions
  • Car accidents
  • Chemicals such as phosphorous and acids
  • Sunlight and other UV radiation sources
  • Radiations such as X-rays
  • Hot glass or metal
  • Steam
  • Hot liquid
  • Fire

The various burn causes determine how severe the damage is and has serious implications for your health.

Different Kinds of Burn Injuries

The various types of burn injuries are classified by the severity of the damage and how deep the burn goes into the skin. The different degrees of burns include:

First-Degree Burn

This type of burn is minor. They affect just the top layer of skin, which is referred to as the epidermis. It can cause pain and redness, which will go away by itself after a couple of days. There is a low risk of infection since there are not any internal injuries involved. Hot liquids and sunburn are two common causes of first-degree burns. No special treatment is required.

Second-Degree Burn

The first two layers of skin are affected by this kind of burn. Those two layers are the dermis and epidermis. These burns cause white skin, swelling, or redness. Blisters may develop and often the pain is unbearable. Scars can be caused by deep second degree burns. These burns typically heal in two to six weeks, depending on how severe they are. They need special dressing to prevent infections and body motion can be limited if they are located on the joints. Flames and hot liquids splashed on the skin are some of the common causes of second-degree burns.

Third-Degree Burns

This type of burn goes all the way to the fat layer under the skin. The burned area will have a white, brown, or black appearance, and the skin will also look leathery. In certain cases, the nerves are destroyed so that the victim does not feel any pain. Most third-degree burns need skin grafting since they are unable to heal on their own. Patients must stay in the hospital for several months while they are recovering. Common causes include being immersed in scalding liquids and electrical injuries.

Fourth-Degree Burns

There is extensive damage involved in fourth-degree burns. These are full-thickness burns and they penetrate deep inside the skin and may involve the bones and muscle as well. They need specialized debridement and grafting. Victims can spend several years in the hospital and may not ever turn to their regular lifestyle.

What Steps Should I Take Following a Burn Accident Injury?

The specific steps that you take after suffering a burn accident injury are critical.

Get Medical Care

Your top priority when you have suffered a burn accident should be your health. Some burns need immediate attention in order to lower the risk of infections that can make a wound much worse. Visit a medical specialist so they can check your bun out and provide you with first aid and treatment. You should keep records of your treatment and medical bills to use when making your compensation claim.

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Report Your Accident

If your accident occurred, it should be reported to your employer. This should be done using official communication channels like email since you may be required later to prove that you reported the incident.

Do Not Accept Any Blame

Employers don’t like to compensate employees who have sustained burn injuries since that can increase the company’s insurance claims. At no point should you accept any blame, since that can be used as leverage to reduce how much compensation is awarded to you.

Speak to Witnesses

If there are people at the scene, speak to them and also get their contact information. You will need to have their statements later when you file your claim.


Document Your Accident

Make sure to take videos and pictures of the scene. That will be useful when your attorney is looking to justify the amount of compensation they are asking for from the negligent party.

Speak to an Attorney

After you have gathered the information you need, call a burn injury attorney in Pant City, and allow them to handle matters from there. They will turn the information into evidence and then file a strong claim for you against the negligent party that caused your injury.

How Can an Attorney Help Me With My Burn Claim?

An attorney will understand all of the laws in Florida about burn claims. They understand the process of getting a strong claim filed and obtaining the compensation that you deserve. They will conduct an investigation, collect evidence, and engage in negotiations with the other party to attempt to get a satisfactory out-of-court settlement for you. If a settlement isn’t reached, they will represent you in court. You are better off to file a claim with assistance from an attorney than you are trying to do it by yourself.

Why Should I Hire an Attorney for My Burn Injury?

An attorney will get the right amount of compensation for you without you need to struggle with dealing with any other parties. They will do all of the work while you are recuperating at home or going about your daily activities. No fees are charged upfront since they obtain a percentage of the total amount that you are awarded. That means they are motivated to make sure you get the right amount of compensation.

How Much Compensation Can I Receive Following a Burn Injury?

There is not a set amount of compensation that is awarded to every burn injury case. That figure is calculated depending on the extent of the injury as well as the degree of disability. An attorney will understand the amounts of compensation that are attached to various degrees of injuries and will come up with an amount after they consult with the parties that are involved. This amount should cover the costs of your future rehabilitation costs, pain and suffering, lost income, and your medical bills. Punitive damages may be awarded in some cases if a defendant was negligent.

Contact a Plant City Burn Injury Lawyer for a Free Consultation

If you are a burn injury victim, call the reliable law firm of Winters & Yonker so we can get started working on your case. After you have consulted with a Plant City burn injury lawyer on our team and feel satisfied with the services that we provide, we will ask you to present us with your evidence, and then we will process your claim. We have extensive experience in handling these types of claims and have a proven track record of obtaining high amounts of compensation for our clients.

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