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Faulty products usually lead to product liability claims. The holiday season is all about exchanging gifts and happiness with your loved ones. This is the time when everybody wants to order something, whether it for themselves, for their home, or even for others. There is a lot of anticipation around the deliveries and one just can’t wait for all the new items to arrive at their doorstep. However, at times these deliveries can become a source of disappointment and pain rather than elation.

The high demand for online products during the holiday season puts extreme pressure on companies as well. Therefore, it is possible that they might send you faulty products which in return could cause damage. From makeup products that could spur a reaction on your skin to an instant pot that might burst, the risks associated with these products cannot be denied. A lot of product liability claims in Tampa, FL around the holiday season hence Tampa personal injury attorneys are very active during this time.

Regardless of holiday seasons, there have been major product liabilities that have made headlines.

How Can Tampa’s Personal Injury Attorneys Help You?

Faulty products can give one a lot of anxiety especially when the company refuses to accept any responsibility. Personal injury attorneys can help you in product liability claims in Tampa, FL, and enable you to take legal action. This will hold the companies accountable and they will be liable to repay customers for the loss. Florida’s legal system allows citizens to file a case in the consumer court if a person has been injured by a product due to any manufacturing or design defect.

A good personal injury lawyer can help you get a hefty settlement for your loss and get the compensation paid in due time. Although corporate companies have experienced lawyers as well to represent them, but in cases of personal injury the customer side gets most of the benefit. Hence, a good attorney can save you from a lot of hassle and headaches.

What Claims Can a Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer File Against Companies?

Companies can be sued by personal injury lawyers on a different basis. The three most common product liability claims made by attorneys are:

1. Warranty Breaches:

Using a product after its warranty can become a potential hazard for customers. There are many makeup products and food items which could incite a chemical reaction if you have used them after the warranty period. Hence, when a company delivers a product that has crossed the warranty period then it could be heavily fined because it is equivalent to playing with the lives of people. In such cases, the company is responsible for the loss and must repay their customers.

2. Negligence

It is crucial for companies to carefully manufacture, design, and dispatch new products. However, during the holiday season when the pressure is immense then workers become negligent and this could lead to faulty manufacturing. Consequently, it creates problems for the customers who suffer because of this negligence. Even a loose fitted screw can cause a device to become dysfunctional causing extreme pain to customers who have ordered the product with a lot of expectations. Thus, personal injury lawyers can hold the companies accountable for such injuries.

3. Failure to Warn:

The third factor based upon which personal injury lawyers could make a claim is the lack of warning. Every product has a warning attached to it so customers are aware of any potential damage the product can cause. For example, placing a device at a high very temperature could cause an explosion. The absence of such warnings may devoid the customers of essential information and may expose them to danger. Thus attorneys take such cases to court so companies can be held liable.

Should You File for Product Liability Claims in Tampa, FL If You Are Injured by a Product?

People are often clueless after they’ve been hurt or injured because of using a product. The first and foremost step is to seek medical attention or get first aid so the injury doesn’t turn into a major one. After seeking initial treatments, it is important to gather all documents including the doctor’s report so your personal injury attorney could file a strong case against the company. People tend to ignore hospital documents and this could go against them. A doctor’s testimony could help you prove the extent of the damage you’ve suffered, allowing you to get a bigger compensation.

It is even recommended that attorneys should be contacted within the first few hours of the injury so action could be taken immediately. If you file a case after months, then it is likely to emerge as a weak case.

Hence one should never jeopardize their future and immediately contact personal injury attorneys in Tampa as the State of Florida has established strong laws to protect consumers. Remember, your action could save the lives of other consumers as well so be responsible!

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