Personal Injuries in Public Places—Common Summer Injuries

Summer Injuries

Even when many pools and beaches are closed or limited in capacity, accidents still happen. The warmer weather makes people braver and drives them to try dangerous things. Those are all reasonable under the conditions of the early part of the year. But then you have the normal summer injuries. The “oh my flip-flop was wet, and I slipped and fell” injuries are also extremely common.

Before you go running out to the next great activity that opens up, or even step into a local supermarket, consider these common summer injuries. You can avoid some, but others are simply a risk you take when leaving the house.

Summer Injuries at the Pool

Drowning is one of the top causes of childhood deaths. Then there are other summer injuries that occur at the pool. Kids and adults get their hands stuck in pumps and flaps. Getting tangled in a pool sweeper hose and more are all risks that come with having a pool. But often, pool injuries happen at public pools.

Drowning isn’t always fatal, either. In 2014 the state of Florida recorded about 297 hospitalizations for drowning between the ages of 1 and 4, and only 14% of those patients died as a result of the drowning. Now, drowning is preventable, and having a lifeguard puts the greater portion of responsibility onto the property owner or safety authority.

For example, if you go to a public pool that has signs for a “lifeguard on duty,” but that lifeguard was on their phone while your child was drowning, they were negligent. The argument, of course, is that you were also careless, but parents go to public pools knowing that they’ll have the support of a lifeguard to juggle many children at once.

Summer Injuries at the Beach

Beach injuries happen often, and because so many of the beaches in Tampa are private or city-owned beaches, they often result in personal injury cases. If you’re running through the beach and step on a broken bottle, that could be the city’s bill. The city should keep all the beaches clear of dangerous debris. They should also uphold their no-glass policies and help keep the beaches safer for everyone.

With cuts, scrapes, and even burns (including severe sunburns) you need medical attention. If possible, report to your lifeguard station immediately. But, also follow up on that injury later. Plan out a doctor’s appointment and notify the city of your injury. The injuries that the city is responsible for require that you notify the city. They may initially fight you on it, but involving a Tampa personal injury attorney can quickly change their tune. The city knows their responsibilities, and eventually, they’ll have to pay.

Getting Help After a Slip and Fall in Hot Weather

Slip and falls in hot weather are usually worse. Not only is it likely that the slip and fall involved water or liquid, but you could fall onto a hot surface. Falling onto dark asphalt in upwards of 100-degree weather could result in severe burns. Now you’re not only looking at the injury from the falling element, but a burn and other damage as well.

If you’re the one dealing with a burn, you may have permanent scar damage. It’s possible you could lose some quality of life as well. The damages of the burn and possible repercussions in having to care for that burn and recover could be costly.

What to Do After a Summer Accident?

Always seek medical attention and notify the property owner. If it was on city property, then notify the city of your injuries. Make sure to contact a Tampa personal injury lawyer to help you file your claim with the right insurance provider for the property owner or with the city.

Contact Winter & Yonkers, Local Tampa Personal Injury Attorneys

Winters & Yonker serves the Tampa area for people who need guidance on how to get compensation for an injury. Your compensation depends on the extent of your injury, medical demands, and where it happened. We’ll help you understand the differences between filing against a private homeowner or property owner.

Don’t give up on your injury claim. Call Winters & Yonker to contact a team of capable and skilled Tampa personal injury lawyers. We’ll go above and beyond for you and your family in any way we can. Not only will you get the legal advice you need, but the explanations that can help you confidently make decisions about your case. It’s possible that you’ll need to file a claim against the city of Tampa, and that can be a challenge.

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