Do Rideshare Companies Look at Drivers’ Driving Record?

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In recent years rideshare services have made it easy to make money on the side or to grab a ride. However, there are a lot of questions that come up whenever Uber and Lyft are involved. Most importantly, the question of if they check driving records for their applicants come up. The best way to understand these two rideshare giants is to speak with an attorney.

Whenever car accidents are an issue, whether past or present, Uber and Lyft have systems in place. The trouble is that getting this information to drivers and passengers isn’t always easy. Here we’ll look at what Uber and Lyft require before they allow people to start taking riders. Additionally, we’ll briefly review what happens when you’re in a crash both as a driver and as a passenger.

Lyft and Uber Requirements to Become a Rideshare Driver

When becoming a Lyft driver the person applying must show that they have vehicle insurance, registration of the vehicle in their name, a driver’s license, and a smartphone. They must also undergo a driver screening which has many elements that look at how qualified the person is to drive others as the responsible party.

Lyft also has vehicle requirements including four-door access, a valid license plate, and 5 or more seats. There are different requirements for driving with their Lux or Black service.

Uber has very similar requirements including a driver screening which will dive a little deeper into in a moment. These requirements are very general, but both companies report that they can still take other elements into consideration before approving a driver for their company.

Who Checks Your Driving Record?

Don’t save her and the last claim to do regular driving record checks. However, they’re not the only company to worry about when it comes to someone checking your driving record. Your insurance providers regularly check your driving record. They often check it before they approve a policy, during the policy, and before renewing the policy.

They’re looking to see if you possibly received a moving traffic violation that didn’t result in an accident.  For example, if you receive a DUI then that would evidently be on your driving record. Florida Department of Motor Vehicles I should report traffic violations like this to insurance companies, but often they leave it to the insurance company to run a driving record check.

What is in the Lyft and Uber Driver Screening?

The Uber screening looks at both your driving record and your criminal history but it does give you the opportunity to answer specific questions. It takes a couple of minutes to fill out, and it gives you the opportunity to share information that they will likely find during their screening process.

The Lyft driver screening involves a thorough review of a driving history as well as a criminal background check. The thing here is that have an accident or collision on your record doesn’t mean you’re ineligible to drive for rideshare services. If anything it means that they’ll look at what happened and if it was evidently negligent such as drunk driving it may disqualify you from working as a driver.

What Happens if You’re in a Lyft or Uber Crash?

The big question is “what happens if you’re in a crash while driving or riding with Uber or Lyft?”  There are a few different things that could happen, but the overwhelming answer is that the company will likely provide compensation. If you were actively driving for Lyft or Uber, and that includes going to pick up a person, then you likely have access to some insurance coverage.  However, you may also need to use your own PIP  insurance.

As a passenger, you have many more options. Uber and Lyft both claim to keep $1000000 liability policies for passengers involved in accidents while on a ride. In Florida, the PIP system does bring up a bit of confusion, and most people initially file through their insurance provider.

Resources After a Crash with Tampa Auto Accident Lawyers

After any type of crash, you’ll likely have a number of questions. If you were driving for Lyft or Uber or were riding as a passenger then you might need additional support. These services help people get from one spot to the next but a lot can happen on a ride. Crashes are a part of driving and it’s unfortunate that these could happen during a rideshare service.

However, you can always count on Tampa auto accident attorneys to help with your most common and most outlandish questions. Wondering what you can do to work with your accident history or how it might affect your claim? Always look to Winters Yonker in Tampa for support during any crash claim no matter the circumstances.

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