Risks of Cell Phone Use While Driving

Image showing cell phone use while driving

Everyone knows that it’s bad, but the majority of people still use their phones while driving. In fact, car manufacturers are making it even easier to use your phone while driving legally. That’s right. Many laws regarding cell phone use while driving specify that the phone use must involve your hands. Essentially that the traffic law states, you shouldn’t remove your hands from the wheel.

Our car accident attorneys in Tampa have seen that hand removal isn’t the only problem. The distraction and presence of the phone is the bigger risk.

Stats and Facts

There are many alarming risks that come with using a cell phone. AAA’s Foundation for Safety found that visual as well as manual cell phone distractions let to the odds of a road departure crash tripling. Additionally, the chances of a rear-end collision increased by seven times over.

If knowing that you’re seven times more likely to be in a rear-end crash isn’t enough to make you put your phone down, maybe these stats will.

Check out these quick stats and facts:

  • Typing a text or email directly detracts from the ability to respond to traffic conditions.
  • High school students regularly report texting while driving.
  • 42% of high school students within a 30-day window emailed or texted while driving.
  • In 2017, 3,166 people died as a direct result of distracted driving.

Authorities on Distracted Driving

So, who is speaking out against cell phone use while driving? The Federal Communications Commission is one major voice. However, other voices may shock you. AT&T launched an “It Can Wait” campaign along with enabling “drive mode” on their phones. Many other mobile phone providers have followed suit.

Ultimately, the providers deciding to take a stance against this form of distracted driving pulled away from the attention of other authorities. The CDC, the National Highway Traffic Safety, and many other authorities have cited the risk but done little to implement measures or suggest improvements to increase safety.

On a state level, Florida has a texting-behind-the-wheel law in the works. Otherwise, this is simply a case of distracted driving.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a very real issue and goes far beyond cell phones. Although cell phone and mobile devices are among the most dangerous instigators of distracted driving, this is not a new concept.

Before cell phones, distractions affected drivers. Other distractions primarily included passengers, the radio, and even billboards. Essentially anything that pulls your attention away from the road is a crash risk.

The crusade on cell phone use while driving, however, has led many people to take a keen awareness to distracted driving. For example, you have probably encountered a quick change in your GPS or even the request to update your route. That is a distraction. A child upset in the backseat is a distraction, and so is a chatty passenger.

Every driver must know that distraction is always present. But they have control over moderating them and moving past them.

Tampa Car Accident Attorneys

Tampa car accident attorneys are often put in the hard spot of fighting with insurance companies for what their clients deserve. Often insurance companies get away with cheating their customers out of compensation. They do this by coercing you into saying damaging things, or by offering you a small settlement offer very quickly into your claim.

For example, they may ask if there were any distractions in the vehicle at the time of the crash. Many people automatically respond, “no.” Until the rep asks if you had the radio on, music streaming or if the kids were watching a movie in the backseat.

These questions can land people in a lot of trouble, although playing music through your phone is not illegal. Insurance companies use these claims to diminish the value of your injuries and damages. An attorney can put up a fight and argue against the false claims of distractions.

Auto Accident Lawyer Tampa

A Tampa personal injury lawyer can help you understand how cell phones played a role in your crash. Not only can cell phones be present in distracted driving issues, but the presence of a phone can cause issues with your insurance.

When your insurance company suspects you of distracted driving, they will begin fighting aspects of your claim. Even with Florida’s no-fault laws, your insurance company can fight how much they pay in compensation.

Get an attorney on your side for your best chance for full and fair compensation. Contact our Florida injury law firm for legal guidance on your auto accident claim.

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