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If you are a resident of Safety Harbor Florida, and you have been involved in an accident with a distracted driver, filing a lawsuit may be one of the first things that you need to do. It may have led to injuries that you have sustained which have compromised your ability to earn gainful employment. You may also have medical bills that need to be paid which can only be done by obtaining some type of settlement. Our Safety Harbor distracted driving accident lawyers are here to ensure you are properly compensated for these losses.

Distracted driving has become a very problematic situation, particularly in our modern times with smartphones and other electronic devices. If you are in need of some legal representation, you can contact the law firm of Winters and Yonker to learn more information about how you can pursue some type of restitution for what has happened.

A quick phone call to (888) 373-7770 can connect you with our car accident lawyers. To understand more about how we will be able to help you, here is some information on laws and circumstances related to distracted drivers.

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An Overview Of What Distracted Driving Is

Distracted driving is not necessarily a new term. However, in the context of devices that we all use today, it has become somewhat epidemic. Florida represents the second-worst place in the United States for distracted driving cases. It is responsible for tens of thousands of crashes in Florida alone every year. Statistically, nearly 140 distracted driving crashes are happening every single day, leading to over 200 people being killed as a result of this. It is so bad that there are specific types of distracted driving that are now officially defined.

Various Types Of Distracted Driving

Distracted driving can be broken down into three specific categories. There is cognitive, manual, and visual distracted driving situations. Those that are potentially liable for cognitive distracted driving were simply thinking about something that causes them to look away from the road. Manual distracted driving is one of the worst types. This is where the driver will literally take their hands from the wheel in order to do something manually. This could be operating their cellphone, changing the station on a radio, or trying to adjust an electronic device on their dashboard. Visually distracted driving is where you are looking away from the road ahead of you, trying to see something that will often cause an accident.

Laws Regarding Distracted Driving In The State Of Florida

There are several ways that distracted driving can be illegal. For example, it is not legal to text and drive in Safety Harbor, Florida. You can, at a red light, receive and send text messages. You can also hold your handheld device during this time. There are no restrictions in the state of Florida for younger drivers from using electronic devices. For example, it is permissible to use a headset as long as it is hands-free. You must have only one earbud in your ear at one time. By following these guidelines, you can reduce the probability of experiencing an accident that could injure another person or potentially take their life.

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Damages That Victims Can Obtain From A Distracted Driving Accident Claim In Florida

In most cases, punitive damages can be obtained from those that are accused of distracted driving. This is very common, especially if they have been a repeat offender. It is also possible to pursue someone that is found guilty of distracted driving for medical expenses which will include hospital bills, emergency department charges, and ambulance fees to name a few.

Pursuing them for lost earnings is something that can also be done. You need to receive compensation if you are unable to work as a result of a distracted driver causing the accident. There are other economic damages that can be obtained from these individuals which include money for child care, home and vehicle modifications, alternative transportation, and vehicle repairs.

What Is The Length Of Time That You Have To File A Claim In The State Of Florida?

In the state of Florida, the statute of limitations for filing personal injury claims is four years. This is both beneficial and problematic. It is beneficial for those that may be incapacitated due to the accident that they were in, giving them time to recover before filing their lawsuit. However, the extraordinary length of time that people have to file this claim often makes them complacent. They may not think about doing this for many years, particularly if the accident did not cause substantial harm. That is why it is so important to immediately contact an attorney that will provide you the information that you need in order to file a claim immediately.

How Can A Safety Harbor Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer Help My Claim?

If you want to file these claims, you will certainly need a personal injury attorney that can provide you with this type of legal assistance. It is important to work with a lawyer that will give you all of the insight that you need to pursue this case. They can also represent you in a court of law, allowing you to potentially receive a settlement that can help you with your situation. You may not understand how much you are entitled to until you work with a competent attorney that can help you understand what the value of your claim actually is.

That is why it is so important to call a law firm such as Winters and Yonker, attorneys that will help people in the Safety Harbor area. If you happen to be in this community, and you have recently been involved in a distracted driving situation, you can file a claim with this company right away. You will have to initially set up a free case review which you can do over the phone by calling (888) 373-7770. If you have been hesitating about filing a claim against someone that has injured you as a result of distracted driving, contact Winters & Yonker today.

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