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Dealing with a slip and fall injury is troubling and several damages start to add up as a victim in Florida. If you or your loved one have gone through this situation and want justice, it is time to see what the Safety Harbor slip and fall lawyers at Winters and Yonker can do for you.

We are a law firm that has represented thousands of local clients and understand how to make sure your needs are met during the claims process. For us, you are our number one priority and that is all we care about. To learn more, call (888) 373-7770 to schedule a free consultation with our Safety Harbor personal injury lawyers.

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How Can A Lawyer Help My Safety Harbor Slip and Fall Claim?

A slip and fall attorney is going to offer professional legal guidance that is necessary when it comes to building a strong case, collecting evidence, and making sure it is presented in the right manner to win you a favorable verdict.

We understand how valuable your time and effort are, which is why we offer access to exceptional legal resources throughout the journey. This is what you are going to get with one of our trusted legal professionals when it is time to fight for your legal rights. By working with a skilled attorney, you will know the case will be presented correctly.

What Steps Should Be Taken to Help a Slip and Fall Case?

It is essential to understand a slip and fall case is not going to be built on its own. This means you are going to need legal assistance every step of the way, however, there are specific steps that should be completed as soon as the event occurs.

You should take the time to go through these steps one by one. The steps include:

  • Collect Visual Evidence (i.e. Photos/Videos)
  • Report the Accident to a Supervisor
  • Record Contact Information for All Witnesses
  • Seek Medical Assistance (Ask for Medical Proof)
  • Reach Out to a Legal Professional

If you follow these steps, you are going to have a much stronger legal claim on your hands for a slip and fall case.

How Can a Slip and Fall Accident be Proven?

For a slip and fall accident to be proven in the court of law, it’s essential to demonstrate you were unaware of the hazard that was present at the time.

A good example of this would be a puddle of water that was unmarked on the property. If you slip and fall on this water because it was slippery then you will have a legitimate claim on your hands. They should have let you know verbally and/or put up a warning on the property beforehand.

Another situation would be if the property owner was aware of the condition and refused to fix it. This is also a clear case of the defendant being liable for what occurred on their premises.

Review your legal options with our Safety Harbor slip and fall lawyers.

If you want to build a strong case and make sure you come out on the right side of things, please take the time to give us a quick call at (888) 373-7770.

How is Liability Determined in a Safety Harbor, FL, Slip and Fall Case?

Liability is built around the notion of comparative negligence when it comes to a slip and fall case in Safety Harbor, FL.

This means you are going to have to prove how much of the responsibility falls on the defendant’s shoulders while moving forward with the legal claim. They are only going to be responsible for that part of the damages and nothing more.

To determine whether or not the other party was liable, a judge is going to go through a long list of questions while seeking answers in the form of evidence. This includes whether or not you should have been on the property and if it was legal to be there in the first place.

It is also important for there to be enough proof to indicate you were unaware of potential issues that were present on the property that led to you slipping.

How Much Is My Slip And Fall Case Worth?

This is going to depend on a long list of factors that are taken into account as soon as the evidence is compiled. Please note, each situation is going to be unique and there are variables at play that are going to determine what the damages are and what is going to be claimed.

Our lawyers are willing to go through these details with you during the initial consultation.

We realize the goal is to make sure you receive full compensation for both economic and non-economic damages, which is why it is essential to reach out to our team right away at (888) 373-7770.

We can offer a full assessment of what your case could be worth in Safety Harbor.

How Much Time Do You Have To File Slip And Fall Claims In Safety Harbor?

With a slip and fall lawsuit, it is imperative to have the claim filed within four years from the time of the incident.

This is when the statute of limitations is activated and you are unable to move forward with the claim. We realize this can be a daunting challenge as you are juggling a long list of legal regulations, which is why we are willing to guide you through the process.

All it takes is a phone call to our law firm to see whether or not you have a viable legal claim.

Contact Our Safety Harbor Slip And Fall Lawyers To File Your Claim

If you are interested in moving forward with a slip and fall claim in Safety Harbor, our law firm is more than happy to go through all of the case details with you. Due to our experience, professionalism, and willingness to adapt, we continue to be the ultimate fit for your needs.

Our professionalism is all about setting high standards and that is something you are going to get from day one. To receive legal assistance with one of our trusted slip and fall lawyers, please give our personal injury firm a call at (888) 373-7770 as soon as possible.

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