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It is important to understand the legal choices available to you when it comes to a burn injury claim. This is a wonderful opportunity to receive justice and compensation for what has happened. Our Seminole burn injury lawyers continue to set high standards of excellence.

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Common Causes of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries can happen for a wide array of reasons and each one is going to be unique due to the underlying circumstances. Based on research done into this subject, several patterns start to appear with time.

The most common causes include:

  • Hot Liquid
  • Fire
  • Abuse
  • Electrocution
  • Chemical Exposure
  • Sunlight
  • Radiation

Take the time to go through these details with a qualified lawyer at Winters and Yonker. We will make sure your legal claim is refined and includes the root cause of what took place. This can help paint a better visual for the judge.

Categories of Burns

Not all burn injuries are the same even if they fall under the same umbrella. This has to do with the severity of the burn injuries and how long it takes to recover from them.

These can include:

  1. 1st Degree – tends to affect the external layer of skin (can include pain, swelling, and redness)
  2. 2nd Degree – tends to impact the top two layers of skin (blistering)
  3. 3rd Degree – tends to affect all of the skin’s layers
  4. 4th Degree – burns everything including some parts of the muscle and bone

If you or a loved one has been burned due to the actions of someone else, it is possible to go through these details during the legal claim as a way to seek compensation.

You will require proof to illustrate how severe the burn was as it can assist with the case’s outcome.

Damages You Can Recover Through A Burn Injury Claim

In Seminole, Florida, you are able to file a claim to pursue compensation for the following types of damages:

Economic Damages

Economic damages can include any type of expense that has been paid due to the burn injury. This can include medications to treat the pain, potential surgical procedures, and/or any lost wages due to not being able to work during the recovery phase.

Non-Economic Damages

Many burn injury victims will list a wide array of non-economic damages due to the nature of their injuries. This can include having to deal with a drop in quality of life, stress, anxiety, depression, and a long list of mental health concerns.

Punitive Damages

In some cases, it is possible to start looking at punitive damages for the other party’s actions. This will be decided by the judge as they are going through the various details and figuring out what needs to happen next. If they believe the law was broken to a grave extent, they can book additional punishment into the verdict including prison time.

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How Long Do You Have To File A Burn Injury Claim In Florida?

When you are going through all of the relevant details associated with a burn injury case, it’s also important to think about the timeline. This means you will want to have the legal claim filed with the state within four years. This is when the statute of limitations is going to kick in. If you don’t file it within four years, the case will get thrown out as it will be too late.

Take the time to discuss these details with us in advance, so you are well-prepared for anything that happens during the legal process in Seminole. For more on what we can do for you, call Winters and Yonker at (888) 373-7770.

How Much Will An Attorney Cost?

The underlying fee is something that will be on your mind as a potential client. If you are thinking about moving forward with a complete burn injury claim, it will become important to understand your options with the help of a trusted law firm. This includes the fee structure.

At our law firm, we take pride in offering a client-friendly structure where everything is based on us winning. You will only payout of the compensation amount and it will be a small percentage that is agreed upon in advance between both parties.

This is ideal for those who are hoping to receive compensation and move forward with their lives.

How Can A Lawyer Help My Claim?

Lawyers are a must for those who want to put forward a respectable legal claim that is going to be organized, arguable, and in line with Florida’s legal standards.

At Winters and Yonker, we have been doing this for a while and will take the time to go through each detail with you beforehand.

There are several benefits of choosing a competent burn injury lawyer in Seminole. These reasons include:

  • Case Preparation/ Filing A Lawsuit
  • Settlement Negotiation
  • Trial Preparation And Representation

As you are sifting through the case details, it will become important to have legal representation by your side at all times. The complexities of a burn injury claim mean you have to do things the right way. This is the only option as you are figuring things out and hoping to receive appropriate compensation.

Let us help at Winters and Yonker by calling (888) 373-7770.

Schedule a Free Consultation With a Seminole Burn Injury Lawyer

The reason for a burn injury claim is to gain compensation for the life-changing experience this type of event can have. Knowing you have been wronged and deserve appropriate compensation for everything that has come along the way, it is best to reach out to a competent lawyer.

We are home to the best burn injury lawyers and take pride in the work we do. At Winters and Yonker, we are ready to set high standards and will make sure things are done the way they need to be. For more on what we bring to the table, please take the time to give our personal injury firm a quick call at (888) 373-7770.

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